Carbon filter and smell during grow


Dear ag-community,

in some reviews I read about smell leaking from grobo during the grow. But not every review reports this issue. Are just a few grobos affected? What are the experiences from grobo owners?
I would love grobo to be smell free and not just smell reducing.
This is one of my main concerns right now and I would love to see some feedback from the ag-community.


I dont think enough of us are far along in their grow to comment. @Rich can


we are a couple of days from the end of a very successful grow. The smell has been noticeable in the last couple of weeks. not so bad as we can have the windows open and we run a table top fan to disperse the odour right beside the grobo.


I’ll have a final review later today.


Any more feedback on the smell issue?


I’m past 60 days and no smell issues atm


Smell will vary greatly by strain as well. I can smell mine a bit when I open the Grobo but it’s not in flower yet which can intensify the smell. I break out the Ona gel at that point. :+1:


@fanatic I have the same strain as @Azuri on day 41, I can smell mine only when I open the door and mess around with the leaves. But it’s early. Flowering will be the test.


I am at Day 24 and my smell is getting quite strong when I go into the room. Luckily I have a closed room that I can air out when no one is around.


@bjorn @Chris


is there a plan to make grobo actually smell proof? If yes, can you give us an idea when this upgrade could be available? That’s my biggest concern right now and would love to hear good news



You’ll never have a 100% smell proof box. Anytime you open it smell will come out and dependant on the strain it could be extra smelly. Scent molecules are microscopic so impossible to remove 100%
Most of us use products outside the grobo to eliminate smell. Did you try that?


Don’t have a grobo yet. There is a big difference If you smell something if door is open or you even smell the plant when the door is closed. As far as I can oversee different grow setups smell proof with closed door is possible and grobo was advertised as smell proof in the beginning. So that’s what I need and we will see If grobo can meet my expectations.