Cannabis stocks, are you investing?


Ok my fellow ag’ers, are you investing in cannabis stocks? If so which ones and why. I’m into quite a few, but Canopy growth Corp is a Canadian company and is doing great. They are pretty Much the leader at this point. I’m also in aurora cannabis(another Canadian comp. I have more, but these are the best at this point.


No I’m not investing but would love to I’m just broke right now lol


ACB for me, I’ve bought in and out several times currently in. Canopy growth a little rich form my blood.


Totally snagged some CGC. Fantastic play so far. Just read today they are targeting it to hit 75 a share.


Try acbff if that’s not what you are talking about. Cgc is best in class. Buy and don’t sell!!!


Stay in and don’t sell. Buy more on any dips.



FF is US funds if I’m not mistaken.


no acbff (aurora) is still listed on the canadian exchange. Only Canopy has listed on the nasdaq thus far for canadian companies if im not mistaken. Im into a bunch of them and I bought a bunch of long calls on AMD several months back. AMD is killing it my cost basis is $10 a share and its made all time highs today again. Im up over 800% lol


It’s the same ticker and exchange is the way I understand it. We just see, purchase and sell in the currency you chose to buy into. We are both winning or losing the same in our local currencies.


yep I get that, but they are listed differently in name on different exchanges. For example Canopy on the Canadian exchange was TWMJF, when it moved to the us the new ticker became CGC. Same winnings and losings i get it, but different ticker symbols on different exchanges, unless its CGC in Canada. At least I can buy options now, when it was only on the Canadian exchange We here in the U.S. couldn’t play options as a strategy.


Hey guys. Those of you in Canada get a unique opportunity today. Aurora is spinning out a financial arm which is a great play is this new sector. I can’t buy it today (so I understand, because I’m an American), but you can. The ticker symbol is AUSA, and I’d buy as much as I could if I could :face_with_monocle::tired_face::weary::cry::sob::triumph: let me know if you dive in or not.


Already invested in ACB bought in at $2.50 sold out bought back in $5.50 I’m at my investing limit for that particular commodity. Never jumped on the Canopy Growth bandwagon felt it was always over vlaued and that was when it was at $12. Coulda woulda shoulda, lol.


We’ll get into AUSA. Starts trading today


I’ll send you my PayPal address, I got you brother. :+1: :dollar: :moneybag: :chart_with_upwards_trend: :bar_chart:


All joking aside, is this a new IPO or something? Is this it?


That’s it!!! And it an off shoot of aurora. Their financial division.


I just looked and it’s not even listed here in us


Yeah it’s not on our main Toronto stock exchange it’s on the .cn so I’m guessing it will be a penny stock to start? I’ll keep an eye on it. :wink:


Please let me know what it starts at



Price in CAD $👇