Candy Rain by Cookie Fam- London Pound Cake X Gelato


I’m huge fan of cookies can you please point me in the right direction I would love there gear helps all my medical conditions as well as taste phenomenal


Platinum Seed Bank. Candy Rain Seeds got a lot of issues though, I would think twice before buying them. Those who got them to pop were considered lucky cuz the majority of peeps that bought these seeds faced low germ rates, seeds not poppin at all, poor fem rates, and high tendancies for hermaphroditism. And the Cookie Fam are currently working on sending Candy Rain customers replacement packs of a new strain. But nobody really complained about the other strains they dropped(Crumpets, Poundcake, London Bridge) Also cookie crosses are everywhere, I would just try looking for the authentic genes. I mainly only seek cookie related strains, i’m a big cookie fan, so if I were you i’d look for drops from these breeders: In House Genetics, SeedJunky Genetics, Exotic Genetics, Relentless genetics, DNA Genetics, Sungrowngenetics, Lit Farms etc. You can find them along with many other authentic breeders with real cookie genes on: Neptune Seed Bank, Platinum Seed Bank, Seedsherenow, seedsofhorror, solseeds, seedsluts, and seedgurus. I think these sites are quite reliable upon and reputed, they will give you access to real and quality cookie genes and crosses they don’t hold the fake stuff. If you want the most authentic source though, always go to the fam.


Day 98/ Day 56 of the Bloom; she’s been building quite some aromas the last 2 weeks; 4 days till the chop.


So hands down which would be your top choice? I’ve read about the issues but it looks like you got a winner and I would love some true cookies gear


Yeah this girl is a true true winner, i’m super fond of her. Hands down for the cookie connoisseur my top choice would be the cookiefam. I mean if you don’t mind trying your luck, I would deff recommend this Candy Rain- it’s deff the topper out of the 4 they dropped. It really is an amazing strain and just a blessing to grow this kind of quality, it’s the kind of strain that goes on a whole other shelf, labeled exotics. If you go on instagram, type in #candyrain, you’ll see the killer phenos people have come up with. But also I would look into the other breeders if their crosses interest you like In House Genetics and Seed Junky genetics( Highly Recommend). There are many other breeders also obviously that are really good like the ones I mentioned before, but my personal top choices and go to’s would be these 3. Whatever cookie related strains appeal to you most from these 3 breeders I would go with, it’s all guaranteed fire on the exotic level.


I’d say right now cookies fam , exotic genetics , swamp boys and karma are really producing some next level shit … personally I’m an exotic genetics lover because his crosses come out iced out … wish I had the zoom capable of showing … but my buds literally look like crystals are ooozing off … in house is another but I just hate how everyone grows his strains … CAPULATOR. Is also another really good breeder but his seeds require more advanced growers as they finicky and need to be dialed in … but cookies fam is def top 5


I must be having a blond moment (no offense to blonds) but I can’t find anything online on where to purchase cookie fam gear


@chris_barfield @nikidon1 both of you need to check out ethos genetics that will make your mouths water he was featured in high times a couple months back under one of the best strains of 2018 check out #mandarincookies


Nah, i’d still stick with my top 3 as a cookie connoisseur- CookieFam, In House, and Seed Junky, take my word and go shop at one of these names. These guys build and breed almost 90% of their catalogs around cookie genes and with high regards to quality, not everyone does that. They are for the true and ultimate cookie connoisseur. Again, like I said, these are my personal choices and where I would go looking for what you asked. There’s many other great breeders out there, but when it comes to quality cookie crosses if you want to really sit down and compare, u’d easily be able to tell In house and SeedJunky be blowing almost everyone outa the water. Just to begin with, the amount of cookies crosses they have and cookie genes they play with beats everyone else, their variety is crazy. All the other breeders are kinda bellow them especially if one is looking for true cookies gear and crosses that are closer to the origins rather than further away. But Ethos looks good bro. Looks like they got some super fire stuff. Like I told you, cookie crosses are everywhere. It’s up to you to see what you like. You can find cookiefam on Platinum, Neptune, Seedsofhorror, and most of those other sites I gave you before. It’s all there.


Thanks for taking the time out to point in the right direction @nikidon1 unfortunately all I found was 20 male regular seeds idk I’m not having luck that’s for sure


Ok Neptune had 20 reg for $500 for crumpets but I’d be happy with original GSC


Oo, see if ur looking for the original original gsc strain bred by Jigga specifically, it’s difficult to find it in seed form, it’s actually unavailable. The fam hasn’t and don’t release those exclusive parent cuts only selected crosses they work on. That was a clone only female/ pollen only male, that went around either to growers or breeders they know and some people got bag seeds, that’s how the strain erupted everywhere. Some people must have made s1’s but there is nowhere that I know online selling the original and authentic strain. I tried looking everywhere for myself many times before, but the closest I got was with the crosses that people created using the authentic cuts from the fam, the same is what the fam offers. However, with my Candy Rain pack, I did get some In House Genetics freebees that were labeled: Forum Cut GSC s1 fem seeds, so I think those will be authentic because In House deff has the original cuts, and clearly they S1’d it. But those aren’t available online, I looked everywhere. It’s hard to find the original GSC in seeds form man you gotta be in contact with some big growers and stuff on the west coast, maybe if you access some dispensaries, you can get a hold of a clone. Those are likely to be authentic, if it’s a reputed source. But otherwise, usually as close as you get these days is with the crosses if you seek the authentics. Lots of places have fakes and fake cuts, autos usually are also far from the real cuz they introduce ruderalis traits so they water it down just like many crosses. Your best option would be to choose something that has extensive cookie traits everywhere, on both sides- Male and Female, like Jelly breath by In House, or Candy Rain by Cookie Fam, or Dolato by In house, or Animal Cookies X Kush Mints by Seedjunky etc.


Great knowledge share, thanks @nikidon1. This guy really likes his cookies!!




Day 102/ Day 60 of the Bloom; plant has mostly finished ripening up, couple more hours to harvest! She smells and looks delicious, I am more than thrilled!


Still looking amazing @nikidon1 :heart_eyes: you will have to let us know how she is! Excited for you!!


Haha, thanks will do! Definitely!


Man the frost is awesome!:star_struck:. Exciting times!!


Candy Rain Harvest! Roughly about 20 grams. Not the biggest yielder, but the quality of flower I was able to curate makes me more than thrilled with my work as I always beleive that quality>quantity. It has an incredible bag appeal and the flowers are sticky icky to the touch gleaming with trichomes everywhere with cookie odor. This batch of medicine gives off 100% thick white ash, offering a very clean and smooth smoke; it barely goes off once lit. The flavors I taste are: Grape and Mint with a slight sour undertone. I am very happy with the outcome and feel I have learned a lot with this grow and progressed significantly as a grower. I will continue to cultivate with true passion and am thankful for the experience. Thank you to mother nature for blessing me with this holy plant, I will not let you down. Thank you to Grobo for this amazing opportunity, the joy and accomplishment I feel in this moment is surreal and priceless, without you guys I would’ve never been able to grow indoor hydroponically, and this is something i’ve been wanting to do for a while, so thank you very very much, your hard work and innovation is very much appreciated. Till next time! Cheers!


Looks like some excellent weed @nikidon1 and I couldn’t agree more about the quality of the smoke. Enjoy!


Thanks brother, I deff put some effort into it. Appreciate the kind words. Cheers!