Candy Rain by Cookie Fam- London Pound Cake X Gelato


Day 57/ Day 15 of the Bloom.


It’s really your call, (but for me) if they are just fan-leaves with no promising bud sights, then I would take them down to give the remaining buds more energy… In the #BudStage we want to give the Buds a thriving chance… :wink::herb::green_thumb:


Day 59/ Day 17 of the Bloom


That is beautiful work there. Those look to become awesome buds! :+1::facepunch:


Thanks man!


She’s looking good !! How’s underneath canopy ? Any bud sites there ?


Thanks! Yeah throughout, they’re coming along. I’ll show in my next update.


Day 61/ Day 19 of the Bloom; 2nd haircut :heavy_check_mark:


That hair cut looking nice happy you didn’t strip away too many leaves


Yeah, I try to just remove the ones that are in the way of the light reaching flower sites, and keep the rest.


Day 67/ Day 25 of the Bloom;
Plant has stretched 4 times prior height, from 6 inches to 24!


That’s craz stretch! She looks so happy/healthy!


Yeah man the stretch is surreal lol. Never seen anything like it. She’s a true beauty and a beast!


Yea we are sitting at the same height lol… my last drain and fill she dropped through the cocopod and has stacked back up to that white sensor lol… but the stretch looks so much taller on yours lol… nice to see those buds forming … so jealous can’t wait to see your final haircut … any colors you think might pop up?


Yeah your girl looks wonderful as well, i’m sure she will be a yielder. As of now I see some purps and redish colors showing. But from the pics i’ve seen on insta, deff quite a bit of purps are supposed to show up with that exotic look on the flowers. I’m traveling for a week so I won’t be able to check on her till next week, hope she’ll be okay. I’m about to hit up Berners new cookie shop in L.A as we speak!


Where can i find these strains or beans at?


Hey, im from the bay area and ive been searching for some cookies strains but its nowhere to be found… can u guys show me where i can get some?




Cannabis - Auto - Colorado Cookies Dutch Passion 82
Cannabis - Indica - Cookies Kush Barney’s Farm 107
Cannabis - Indica - Rebel Cookies Rebel Grown Seeds 123
Cannabis - Sativa - Girl Scout Cookies Blim Burn 125
Cannabis - Hybrid - Cookies n Cream S1 Copycat Genetics 104
=((Where to Buy Them))



I think you can get them at Platinum Seed Bank, I recommend buying here it’s where I bought my pack from and they’re based in the bay area as well. You can also find them at seedsofhorror, solseeds, seedsluts, and seedgurus; however purchase candy rain with caution as many people have had issues with low germ rates, seeds not popping at all, poor fem rates, and high tendancies for hermaphroditism which were all aknowledged by the cookie fam and they’re in the process of replacing the packs for customers with issues- I was one of the few that was fortunate enough to be able to get a good healthy female seed. Nonetheless, if you want the most authentic source for cookies, like I do, there’s nowhere else to go other than the cookiefam. They dropped London Poundcake, London Bridge, Candy Rain, and Crumpets all for their people. They are currently working on London poundcake X Kush Mints, which should come out in the future. There are many breeders that work with the cookiefam’s original cuts to create new crosses with their genes and also many breeders that have fakes producing fake seeds and strains tagging them under many of the same names as the original CF strains/genes, so it all depends on where you go to purchase. But many places claiming to sell the original strains that the fam created like GSC or Auto versions of their strains are not very authentic, if you want the authentic stuff from breeders outside the fam, you gotta opt for the cookie crosses that certain breeders produce using the authentic cuts from the fam directly like: In House Genetics, SeedJunky Genetics, Exotic Genetics, Relentless genetics, DNA Genetics, Sungrowngenetics and many others. Most of the breeders on Neptune Seedbank, seedsherenow, and the ones I mentioned above should get you access to authentic cookiefam genes through their crosses, but be careful to not purchase the fakes like many people do and do some research before purchasing.