Candy Rain by Cookie Fam- London Pound Cake X Gelato


Day 1


Is everything okay and normal with my seedling or to be seedling? Is it supposed to look like that before the first 2 cotyledon leaves appear? I’ve grown before but never seen this appearance on a seedling rising above the ground. Always seen green leaves right away.


Yeah, it’s just your seed pod hasn’t dropped yet. Are those pics in order and at the same time, because in two of the pics the seed pod is visibly intact, and in the other two it appears as though the seed pod dropped off and she is starting her curl out. Yep I would bet foulest and last pics are of the seed pod on and the middle two are shortly after it fel off or you removed it. Either way it should now start it’s curl out and up. Please correct me if I’m wrong.


The pics got mixed up when I uploaded, but all are from today- day 1. The ones with the seed casing on(top left and bottom right) were taken before the ones with it off(top right and bottom left), as you can see the seed pod is towards the edge.


Yep gotcha, just saw the seed pod at the edge. Well, then like I said, you’re good to go. The curl out and up will happen by tomorrow or day after. Welcome to the world nik’s little girl :tada::confetti_ball::champagne::clinking_glasses::birthday::balloon::beer:


Haha thanks boss!


I will be travelling from tommorow (day 2) until next week thursday (day 11), will it be a problem if that’s when I can visit my grobo next and do any neccessary work like drain and re-fill?


I think it’ll take a day or so for little girl to wake up and say hi to the world. Then a week later you get back. I don’t think a couple days over the weekly drain and fill is too big a deal at this point. You’re system hasn’t dosed the res with nutes yet, only ph. I think it’s next drain and fill that triggers your nutrients depending on recipe. I think you’re good but pm @Stephen to get a second opinion.


cool man, thanks for your input.


Hey @nikidon1

Our current recipe has the grower topping up the reservoir on day 3, then performing a complete drain and fill on day 7. This ensures that the coco pod stays moist through germination and that your reservoir is dosed with the appropriate nutrients at the correct time. 11 days without nutes is pushing your young seedling a bit harder than we want, but it may be ok. If you can, have a friend come by and drain/fill your unit for you. If you cannot do this, I’d do the drain and fill just before you leave, and add an extra 2 cups of RO water by hand to your unit. (After filling is complete, don’t over fill though. :wink: ) This will allow the unit to dispense nutes, but bring the EC down a little lower than planned, to protect your young seedling.

Good luck!



Okay, i’ll try and get all that done. what about room temperature? Should I leave the A.C on until I get back? Should the grobo be a bit cooler and lower in humidity perhaps or is it fine in the state it’s in currently (day and night)?


Your temp and humidity seem ok, I’d keep the unit cool while you are gone. If it’s too hot for you, it’s too hot for your seedling.


Dane you got a Candy Rain seed from the Breeder Cookie? Baller… A pack of seeds is upwards of 500 dollars if i m right… Cant wait to see your results


All right boss, will keep that in mind. Thanks.


Haha yee, big cookie fam fan over here. Just couldn’t miss out on this limited drop, their genetics are usually unreal and exotic on a whole other level. Thanks though buddy, let’s hope she grows nicely without issues. I’ve seen ur grobo grow on growdiaries, it looked great! Deff wish I got to see you rend result though haha!


I’m assuming the seeds are regular and not feminized? Are u growing outside of the grobo too? Man I’m big fan of their sherbets, cherry pies, cookies and cream. Woot woot.


@nikidon1 you talking about berners cookie company? Be careful bro I know a big time grower out my way and he purchased numerous genetics from cookies and every single one hermi in separate rooms too … if you google it a lot of people are complaining about this …


@chris_barfield yeah I read hay on some IG thread too. Hopefully yours doesn’t


yee they’re regular seeds. Actually I am currently only growing in the grobo. I hope I can trigger the genes in a well enough manner though and avoid any issues such as hermaphroditism. Haha Cherry pie, is one of my all time favourites, along with her sibling, the classic girl scout cookies. They’ve taken it to a really high level, especially with the new crosses they’ve got going today like Biscotti and Limonchello.


I’ve read that stuff too, I just hope it doesn’t happen to me. Hopefully it’ll be okay, but there’s no way i’m not popping these considering the price tag, besides if im under satisfied, Jigga’s gonne take care of me and give me a fresh pack of guaranteed quality cookie fam seeds to replace. I deff wanne try tho, in my opinion, the cookie fam is deff the leaders and kings in the game, so being able to cultivate their genes from the authentic source is a real honor.