Can someone tell me who makes this grow light?

I recently bought (for what I hope was a great price) this led grow light with no brand name visible. Im hoping one of you wonderful growers can tell me who makes it or maybe tell me more info about it.

Here is what I do know:
It haa 16 circular cut-outs with X3 lenses . It has 400w input max. I believe it is both dimable and full spectrum. It can be daisy chained. It has two switches. It appears to be industrial quality and well made.

The specs and build seem to be similar to the Penetrator 336X pro and the Bestva 3360W.

Thank you in advance for helping me figure out which grow light I have.


You’ll have to ask some of the seasoned growers this question like @Osage, @chris_barfield, @Dew, @LtcTerps


Find the serial number google it… should pop up as to what brand…also need more info where did you buy it from?





grow light


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@Vega808 Vega,

I did a little research as I wait around at work for server patches to complete. Your grow light looks a lot like some of the first grow lights sold by “kind LED”. The reason I believe it was one of the older unit for this company is they literally slap their name on everything now and didn’t previously. Kinda guessing here, but could be

Or a custom unit?

Take a look

I agree with Chris, if you have a serial number it should relatively easy to find the light online