Can I sleep with my Grobo?


I’m deff going to give it a try. It’s germinating as we speak. I just recieved my grobo unit and am about to get going, do you know if it will be a problem to have this unit placed in my bedroom, where I Sleep? Will it bother me in anyway due to any external heat or fan sounds or anything as such caused by the unit? Or should I put it in a room that nobody occupies?

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Hey @nikidon1

An unoccupied room is absolutely the best in my opinion if you have this option. Temperture should be controlled at the same comfort levels we are comfortable in, not too hot or cold. :+1:


I usually like going by 25 celcius in the day and 20 at night. I have an a.c unit so hopefully I can achieve those targets. What temperatures do you recommend?


Those temps will be perfect!


I would notput it in your room due to light being on for 18 hours a day and noise 18 hrs a day. Azuri is right. Spare room is best


@nikidon1 I would not keep it in the same room you sleep in. Unit is loud and gets louder once you get to the stages where the fans turn on. The light would also be pretty annoying while you sleep.


yee I agree, I kept it in a spare sealed A.C room.