Calmag Deficiency


I have a calmag deficiency I’m trying to treat. Do I remove the deficient leaves that are discolored or do I leave them and the color will change back. Let me know.

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They won’t change back if they are more than 50 percent damaged cut them off


Thanks Wolf. It’s only one leaf thank God. It’s odd. I feed both plants the same amount but only one is affected.

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Someway somehow she just took in more


Check ph swings…could be a lockout of other nutrients… which might be causing the calcium deficiency


If it’s just one leaf you just might have one goofy leaf. I’ve had that happen before on other plants and removing one leaf didn’t affect the rest of the plant. I’d caution against over-diagnosing a plant. You can love them too much sometimes.


If your still dealing with the issue I would flush with a product like clearex by botanicare or flawless finish from advanced nutrients … to help break down the salt buildup at the root zone then give light nutrient solution until you see the plant growing normally again… you really won’t see the leaves heal if they are badly damaged …

Notice in my pic how much of a recovery my plant made this was days ago and she’s much bigger now but I left the damaged leaves on for a little but till I saw that the plant was recovered … i then cut those off and fimmed her … but I did exactly what I explained and she’s going nuts …

Thank god cuz this is an original cut of the original chem sis from 91 by the originators


Only issue I have now is my fan leaves are growing so damn big they are covering all my branches … I think last night I counted leaves with 11 fingers… Probky should cut them off for light but they are just so beautiful to look at

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Once you top her, she should spread out.

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I removed the leaf. I was copper metallic like it was dipped in gold.