Buying Seeds


Looking at buying some seeds, just wondering if the seed has to be by breeder shown on the recipe list or will the recipe work if the seed has the same name but different breeder. Thanks for any help I can get.


Any seed will do fine. If the recipe isn’t on the list, then just ask @Stephen to add it, and in the meantime, he will point out the appropriate generic recipe, until your particular strain recipe is added. Good luck




@rouleauj sup homie been a minute since I’ve seen a post


Hey brother, just gettin back in this game. Had all sorts of crazy shyte happen last year, and truth be told I missed all you good folk. Still been growing soil, but my itch to learn and be a part of hydro hasn’t left me. I’m back, and working out with the team to get my unit back and running or just purchasing a new one.


Oh dam your unit tapped out ? Sorry to hear that brother


No, I was too impatient about not having enough control, and all the damage I felt wasn’t really being addressed. In the end I got a refund, and was going to go with cloudponics, but they are out of the game now and no one else is shipping units out. I came to realize, these guys are spot on. They listen to us about improvements, have provided a great community for us, are pretty much transparent on all fronts (even though we don’t see all the data and don’t have complete control, I have seen them come far and do believe we will get there eventually), which is more than I can say for any of the other companies out there. I was too impatient and am not afraid to admit I was wrong. Had I been more patient I would have already harvested in my grobo, instead of watching everyone else’s results! Most of the results I see are directly correlated to Stephen, Chris and the rest of the grobo team. I gotta say some of the results have been impressive indeed. I for one will be content to experiment a bit and just harvest. :+1::v::fist:


@SKMARTIN6 what strain are you thinking? Lots of good strains being grown here. We can give you all kinds of useful ideas.


Mostly Sativa, I like to be happy, been looking to see what has been the most successful grows. I havn’t bought a Grobo yet, hope to get one soon just been looking at all the options. I’ve kind of been waiting to see if they get some of the glitches worked out before I do. Hate to get one then have them bring out a new model with some of the updates everyone has been asking about, I’m sure that my be awhile. Getting antsy so will probably won’t be long before I pull the string. Been looking at most of the other companies that are suppose to be coming out with grow boxes but it seems they are having a hard time getting it together and I’m really impressed with the Grobo team and all the interaction between them and the growers.





Thanks, after I posted this question I realized I had it in the wrong spot.Just to much to read here but I love it. Stupid question how do you respond to people where it shows up like @xxxx.


Just type the symbol @ followed by the first few letters of the person and it will co
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@chris_barfield Hey thanks not that dumb after all.



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