Buying nutrients in bulk


Here’s an issue, I’m interested in addressing. I want to address it without offending anyone on the team, so here goes. Living here in Alaska I’m concerned about getting nutrients in a timely manner. One suggestion I have is, instead of requiring growers to buy small bottles every grow, how about letting us buy larger bottles from manufacturer so we can simply top off each bottle as needed. It will reduce the added costs for growers, and eliminate any time and or low nute issues before they even start. I understand this will impact your bottom line a bit, but the trade off would be less issues and happier growers who are prepared. Just a thought from this here peanut gallery :beer::wine_glass::pizza::+1:

OCD issues

Good idea for those with more than one grobo too


Hi @rouleauj,

Completely understand your concerns with getting larger quantities of nutrients due to the area you live in being more remote. Before I go into the details of the rest of your post, may I ask if Grobo giving you bulk discounts on ordering more nutrients at the same time will help remedy this problem? Is your main concern here not having enough nutrients in time for a subsequent grow, or is it more geared towards the cost of buying a large stock of nutrient bottles (let’s say buy 4 sets of nutrient bottles at a time)?




Hey Chris,

My main concern is the cost of each separate bottle and the unfortunate waste of said bottles. If each grower uses said 5 bottles pretty much every grow, the waste and or recycling of all those bottles x every grower utilizing a grobo will in the long term be nothing short of significant. I’m a huge proponent of reuse and recycle. Followed very closely by cost. I’ve been growing quite a long time and have run into this issue previously. My fix was to buy in bulk. I would rather do that. And just fill the smaller bottles as needed.


Yes please
Sell bulk
Give every 5th or 8th or 10th bottle free. Whatever is the profit margin that works for you.
I will order directly from you over another vendor
Especially if that extra funds / profit for grobo leads to additional long term improvements


Sign me up for this, I would love 4L jugs of each it would save the grower some money in shipping costs with less frequent shipping.


@Azuri @ToddYYC @rouleauj :raised_hands::raising_hand_man:t3: Sign me up for the bulk nutrients I’d rather not have to order each individually and as @rouleauj I’m pretty big on recycling as well and it makes sense for both ends. Less hassle and hopefully a little cheaper for the grower and less packaging and shipping efforts for you guys … also less materials … I’m no business major but that sounds like a win for everyone ??? If what I said is true I mean


I also back this up. Less waste/overall recyclables. 4L jigs ans we can refill as needed. :+1:t4::+1:t4::+1:t4:


Is it too much to say this group is going green for green
Or do I have the sht you all should be growing lol
Grobo… when your green for green.
Have a Fabio model look alike like @Stephen hehe :heart:


@rouleauj @ToddYYC @Azuri @chris_barfield @rainstorm3 thanks for your feedback - I like the enthusiasm towards being eco conscious!

I’ll bring this back to the team and see what we can do about getting larger containers of nutes for purchase from the Grobo store. Note that this is going to take some planning, purchasing, and execution on our side to get this to release if we do decide to go forward with it so it may be a bit of time before this idea comes to fruition




@Chris @bruno maybe I might be blind but are the nutrient bottles in our app supposed to show the levels of fluid in the bottles ? If so mine aren’t if not is that something the grobo can do ? Like let’s say I leave on a trip will I be able to
Log into the grobo and see if my bottles are in good condition?


@chris_barfield as of right now they do not reflect the active level of nutrients in your bottles




Woot woot! This is an awesome idea we hadn’t thought of before. I love the idea of reducing waste.

It’s been added to my list to look into and we’ll see what we can do in the next few months to make something work.


I agree that’s a good idea showing level in each bottle for monitoring purpose. I’m for buying bigger bottles to.


Gotta echo this. I figure the majority of us are in this for the long run, as such, it probably would make sense to by some nutes in bulk. I’m on week two and my Acidic bottle is already probably about a third gone.


if i can throw in my 2 cents… i totally endorse bigger bottles to top off the smaller bottles. If we can go with something compostable too that would be great… It may help out in Marketing the Grobo as well. Not sure how you would read the nutrient levels but you guys are the engineers… :grinning:


I agree with everyone’s points and would also buy in bigger bottles to be able to refill the same small bottles again and again. That was a great idea @rouleauj :green_thumb: Being in Hawaii it takes forever to get stuff shipped here without paying and arm and a leg, so this would be an excellent solution. I look forward to see what the Grobo team comes up with!!





Any update on purchasing bulk nutes? Just checking. :pray::heart_eyes::exploding_head:


Hey @rouleauj,

We’ve been focused on getting the current size into our fulfilment centre in the US to speed up our shipping process. We do like the idea of bigger bottles and have begun testing, but the process of integrating them into production is still underway.