Buying A Grobo and general questions


I’m interested in buying a Grobo today, if I did so when could I expect to receive the unit . I also wanted to ask about curing cannabis with Grobo. Will I be able to do this all inside the unit as far as hanging the plant? I also wanted to ask about the glass for discretion am I able to always set it to not show contents inside? Will the system work without wifi can you do it manually?


Welcome to AG @puchy! Awesome questions:

1. If you order today (April 2018) when can you expect your Grobo?
New orders are expected to ship this fall. Production is ramping up nicely so hopefully it’s sooner, but we can’t guarantee that yet.

2. Can you dry and cure cannabis in the unit?
Yup! You can hang your cannabis to dry in Grobo using an add-on which will be released shortly and can be seen in this post. Curing would generally happen in jars outside of Grobo so that you can start your next grow right away.

3. Can the fluid glass always be opaque?
Yes, the glass is actually always opaque unless you press a button on the App or on the Grobo to make it clear. You normally only make the glass clear when you want to see your plants without letting the smell out.

4. Do you need WiFi?
Yes, you do need a WiFi connection. The Grobo can run for a couple of days without a connection, however you need a connection to properly operate the system.


I think I’m going to place my order! I just worry about the constant need for wifi. I get bad weather in my area that has been known to knock out my internet coverage I’m wondering since it will run a couple of days without connection is their sometype of way to maintain your grow in the chance it may last more than a few days without wifi?


Awesome!! Going a few days without WiFi is okay. What you’ll see is that Grobo constantly tries to reconnect of it loses the signal. If your WiFi comes back on for even a few minutes, it can pull the newest optimized grow schedule and apply it so you’ll be just fine!


How often do the PH and EC sensors need to be replaced? I want to really thank you for taking the time to answer all of my questions. You definitely earned a fan not only that a customer I’m definitely placing an order!


EC should never need to be replaced and we just upgraded to new pH sensors which should last a year. @Chris - Can you confirm that please?

We do this all for our customers so we’re happy to help :slight_smile:


I’m actually going on 16 months with one of our upgraded pH probes, and it is still accurate! We do recommend changing out the probe after a year of use though. pH balance is critically important to your grow.


Tacking onto this, sensors will most likely not need to be repurchased for about a year, but calibrations will have to happen at some point. We’ll be adding a calibration feature in the coming months with calibration solutions available from us. A notification will be provided to you if you do need to change your sensor(s)


Hi Chris
Thanks for the info
I have a question on seeds. Having grown many plants I have 5 seeds of purple
Kush and so far all have cracked (3) but the root is fine but the tops ( seed shell)
Won’t detach. This is the third one that’s it happened to. Root looks good had to
Remove a little on the top to let in more light. But when they grow the seed won’t
detach form the top of the plant.
Any suggestions?


@Chris ^
(Just tagging him so he gets the message :slight_smile: )


Hey Seahawkpi,

How are you germinating? In a plastic bag/wet napkin? I often see the seed casing sticking to the cotyledon’s (the first set of leaves that emerge, they don’t look like the others, very smooth). It can really slow down the young seedlings 1st week of growth, so you want to remove them as soon as possible. I use a pair of tweezers and gently squeeze them along the seam. If they tear one of the 2 leaves, you will be set back even more, so it’s a delicate process/decision. Occasionally the seed will pop off on its own.

I don’t understand your part about ‘the roots look good had to remove a little on the top to let in more light’. Can you elaborate a bit?


Hey @Chris this is good thread to bump.

I’m just curious if there are any updates on this critical feature? I’d rather dispose of PH sensor that ran a full life cycle vs a one year recommended replacement default time frame.

As a grower it would be on the grower to have a spare PH sensor on hand at about the one year mark. We still need to know it’s not accurate beyond the shock of coming home to a yellow plant at any given time as we know sensors can fail or lose accuracy for many reasons. :+1: