Bubba Kush Dry Mode

Hello Growers, just finish last day on Flush and started Dry Mode. What are guys doing to dry your bud? How long do you guys usually dry it for?

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Dry mode is under recipes and it lasts five days.
You can trim before or after drying and hang, then select dry mode and five days later your done.

Did you trim at all? Looks like your buds didnt have a chance to finish growing.
If this is your first grow id recommend you post more or tag a champion before ending a grow,


Don’t have your 3rd party fan on while it’s in there. Will dry out way too fast. I’m personally not a fan of the 5 day dry so I don’t do it in the Grobo. Ideally you want to dry at a humidity of 60-62%rh for 7-10 days and then give a good cure. But I understand that it’s hard for most to control these variables, I myself can’t control my rh at the moment.


Yeah I’m on my 3rd day of Dry Mode, (forgot to posted) my sweet leaf trimmings are in the Jar and my fan hasn’t been on at all. How long do you Cure it for? What type of Jars do you use?

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Russel, what advantages does the extended drying method offer my man?

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Curring is from two weeks to several months, average time is two months.


Any air tight jars work. You can open them for a few minutes every so often to let out stale air and let in fresh air (this is called burping)


It’s not so much extended dry but more of a slower one. Keeping the RH higher allows for this. Drying under 50 rh is going to dry out faster. Idk this is from experience but I notice the Terps come out better with this method, for me

I also cure for no less than a month and a half to two months. I’ll try it at a month but always leave it. The longer the better. I know it’s said that 2 weeks is all it needs but that’s not enough imo


I will start testing once a week after the second week until I find my “flavor” appreciate the info my man. I’m planning on utilizing my HerbsNow dryer with their optional “moisture shot” installed.



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