Bubba 76

Not sure what’s taking place with the plant, but we’re on Day: 12 (Day: 2 Early Vegetation) seems to be out of range of pH or EC. I’ve submitted a ticket, just waiting for the findings.

Share your thoughts :thought_balloon:


Humidity is too low needs to be raised to about sixty so it can focus Energy on creating roots and not using the roots to transport water … and that to me my friend is a ph issue


I figured! I appreciate the response. I even bought the calibration and care kit and took the steps to calibrate prior to grow and was informed it had worked correctly. Looking like that the calibration feature might not be too accurate if this turns out to be a pH issue. We’ll see if this gets worked out quickly!


Looking into your ticket now @Rich


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Gracias, Sir! Looking forward to the findings! :bar_chart::chart_with_upwards_trend::chart_with_downwards_trend:


I’ve replied! Let me know if you have any questions.

Yes pH has not been very steady as a result of a fill that did not dose food. Last drain/fill was good. Into monitoring mode with pictures requested next week.


Greatly appreciate the help and findings! I replied with one additional comment, but most definitely will have you updated pictures in the coming days!


Hey @Rich

You’ve got one of the oldest units in the field, there is also the possibility your pH probe may be at its end of life. If probe is clean and calibration done there’s a chance of probe issues. Just something to think about. :+1:


I ended up getting my OG unit swapped after continued issues. However, you aren’t wrong with your thoughts process because that’s what my first thought was.

Things look to be where they should be based off the readings! So after Sunday I’ll have a better idea where she stands.

What are you currently growing?


I have 4 plants in flower at the moment sleeping I’ll get a pictures up soon. :joy:

  1. Big Kush - Dinafem
  2. Super Skunk - G13 Labs
  3. Royal Cookies - Royal Queen Seeds
  4. Critical + Dinafem

Currently my Grobo lights are out. I have a legal limit of how many plants I can grow at once. I’ll be perfectly honest until I have more controls over my grow (Monitoring abilities, pH, EC primarily) my Grobo is shelved.

I prefer to do proactive growing. Grobo as it operates up until now is a little too reactive for my liking. When something isn’t right many days pass to get the checks done and correction in place. In my case my own grows are in my control as I see issues I can monitor and correct right away. I love the Grobo concept but I’m far to hands-on for the amount of monitoring the Grobo offers. :wink:


Hey brother, you should add mystic cookies to that list. Mine grew into a monster, and gave me hearty results :fire::fire::fire::fire:


Shoot a clone lol

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Already took her down. Taking my grobo mystic cookies down tonight. She’s not as big as my soil girl, but not bad either


What were the final numbers on your biomass for this harvest?

Good Morning Sir!

I’ve sent you some updated pictures and a few comments. Please share your thoughts when you have the opportunity!

Thank you!

Just over an oz and a half