Bruce Banner v2 (auto) day 46 (1/14 transition after 21 day late veg)

Soooo, Bruce is still growing each day! Garage temp is in mid 50s F, but the space heater on 90 F keeps the Grobo in the mid 60s F at night. It warms into the 70s F in there when the garage warms during the day. Water temp is in the high 60s F at night, which I think is ok. I have the jeweler’s loupes, but I cannot take a good pic through the iPhone lens using it yet. I need more practice! I took pics of the top of Bruce using the 10 x zoom on my iPhone. He seems happy! :slight_smile: I am excited to see what the transition phase does. Happy growing! :seedling::raised_hands::pray:t2::grin:


What is that black machine you have that’s reading out 90? I’m interested…


Good evening, @pha720! It’s a small space heater! My Grobo is in my garage and it is cold here, so I was having a heck of a time getting the temp up in the Grobo. The space heater does ok to keep the temps tolerable. I’m able to suspend it from the wire magnets as the plant grows, so I can get it higher up inside. But, for now it all fits on the floor space. Bruce is growing bigger, so I may be suspending it soon. We’ll see!


That’s a gd spot for it always cool in there



  • (Be Careful Puting Extra heat High Near Your Grow Light): (If It Over heats, it Will Automatically Shut Off For Safety): {:warning: :bulb:}:

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Very nice plants can someone tell me a lotabit ABOUT these please. I wanna know if it’s worth the money


Winter sucks when you are doing autoflower. Because it needs heat and if it don’t it won’t grow…


The short version is this:
It’s a deep water culture automated grow box
Automated- grobo dispenses nutrients every week after reminding you to change your water, sets light schedule and spectrum automatically, sets grow length s as well per recipe (though this is fully user friendly as extensions are often required due to topping/training/etc)
The box is stealthy but I’ve heard (haven’t gotten far enough in myself, well yeah, in LV before last attempt died my room was smelling pretty weedy), so anyway not quite as smell proof as advertised but there are mods and air fresheners, etc.
Avg yield per grow is 1-3 oz
Grobo only recommends adding hydroguard with their nutrients but many growers go beyond that.
You are still responsible for maintaining temps, reservoir temps, fresh water supply, humidity levels, you know, everything your plant requires environmentally and then some :wink:

The VERY BEST part about owning a grobo is the customer service from the grobo support team and the support network from fellow growers here, IMO.

Be sure to click @SilverGrobo’s link and check out her amazing grows! :grin:


@Angiebaby nice post :slight_smile:

@Merle_Carsten if you already have a large tent like I see you do, I don’t think the Grobo would be for you… It’s expensive and I think it’s more geared towards beginner growers and those who want to have a semi-stealthy grow box to put in common places in the home… like bed room, living room, laundry room. It could be potentially used as a Mother plant grow box to take clones from indefinitely also…this might be of interest to you because you could potentially have a mother plant of a strain you really like, and then take a bunch of clones and try the Sea Of Green method in your tent, where you have a large number of smaller plants…

But yeah, the support is great :slight_smile: I am a beginner grower and I love my box, as I know @Angiebaby does too.


It would be nice to have a place for mother plants.
I’m going to add an all veg extension on my room. Does anyone know where to get good cheap veg LEDs


Found cheap full spectrum lights for my veg section…

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This is my room. Messy but equipped… lol

Lots of boxes. Always needing something and my ripped room door in the first picture is the place where I’m building a 4x11 veg area in front and I have new zippers and 70ft of :panda_face: panda to make sure I’m going to get my fans and everything before I build… Anyways this is my grow room and I have a lot invested into it. This summer I’m going to start a few Blue Dream seeds and grab all the clones I can get and I’m going to do BD out side because it’s immune to fungus and gnats no webs or white powder. Alot of people got hit with fungus last year’s outside grow. I’m one of them and my old neighbor let one of his seeds or plants pop and dust everywhere seeds all in my weed but it was so good it’s already gone