Brown spots and discoloration


Hey there,

My plant is 10 days old today, and my plant was growing and looking good; however, today, when I went to check on my plant, I noticed discoloration and brown spots forming on my leaves. My cocoa pod also has small white spots on it. Note: I had recently changed the water from tap to distilled at the 7 day mark.

Is there a way to see what the pH level is of my water? Do you think it could be anything else?



Hi Jam,

Please email and I’ll be able to check your unit data and see what is happening. We’ll get you sorted!



Hi Stephen

Long term will we have access to the same data and also a spot to save final weight of harvest on the grow for future reference. Or like a history we can view.


Hey ToddYYC,

Lol, I knew this one was coming. We are currently working on offering the user more data to play with, it’s a balance between too much and too little. You will see 80+ notifications added to your Grobo in the coming weeks which will really give your unit a voice. Once a bit more education is available to the users, we will be able to open up more and more data. Bear with us, it’s in the works!

We are also working on adding in a grow history so you can compare grows and improve. This will include your final dry weight.



Good news indeed. Happy to be a beta or alpha tester if required.


I second that. I do testing, so would be happy to help out too!


Update: We figured it out… pH was high in the water; the Grobo team was able to provide troubleshooting steps which cleared up the issue visibly in one day.

My plant is growing great again, new leaves look nice and healthy.

Thanks Stephen & team!!


Looking good @Jam 10 to 15 days?


@ToddYYC I think it’s about 20d now. He mentioned above it was about 10d and that was 10d ago! Looking good @Jam !


@Stephen Plant was starting to looking nice again - but now it appears to have root rot. Can you confirm? Yesterday I replaced the water (distilled), hoping this helps… but any other suggestions would be great.

Can I use Botanicare hydroguard product with Grobo’s nutrients?


Hi Jam,

I do see a slight browning, but certainly not root rot yet. Keeping your reservoir temperature under 70 degrees, keeping light out and replacing your water are all good ways to fight root rot and keep it out of the tank. You can use hydroguard if you feel you have some pythium attacking your roots, yes. It’s not available to us here in Canada.



Thanks @Stephen ; I purchased Botanicare hydroguard (was able to buy off amazon) to avoid further infection, if it is Pythium. I also cleaned out the tank and refilled the reservoir with new distilled. Hoping this helps!

In regards to reservoir temperature, does Grobo monitor the temperature? Or is this something I would have to buy as an add-on?


Hey Jam how is everything going with your grow so far?


Today is Day 36, so my girl is 31 days old. At 30 days she was just enjoying life. Day 35 was a Drain & Fill day. All normal. She is still drinking like a camel (and when they are thirsty, can they suck it up). Have been trimming leaves almost daily for a week. I have never topped her as she has been filling the compartment as is. So, @Stephen should I top her or forget that part. I am still on a 20/4 light cycle as from start. But what really concerns me is that my girl got sick overnight. Brown spots on leaves all around the perimeter. Se photos.

Day 35

Day 36

And here is the nutrients used on last D&F

Some one please offer some condolences or something. Thx.


Shes looking ok but might need a slight adjustment in nutes. I’d send in a ticket just to check


@ToddYYC When I had no spots one day and then on many leaves all around the unit the next, I’m very curious.


When ph gets out of whack, your plant will show symptoms very quickly. Keep growing the same strain for a few grows and you will tune into her needs rather quickly. Like when the wife or girlfriend get mad, they don’t have to say anything, you just know by body language etc. same with every relationship. Pets too. :scream::v:️:+1:


@rouleauj @Stephen What I don’t understand why everything is great until a Drain & Fill. Sure the ph must be corrected by Grobo program but is it not keeping track of the ph so when it dispenses nutrients after D&F why should it shock the plant so much to cause these brown spots on leaves against all 4 sides. All was good on Day 35, then spots on Day 36. Beginning Day 37 today and the spots more pronounced. Do I trim them?


Hi @greenman,

Please send me a ticket to to allow me a peek at your data. The plant looks awesome so far, don’t fret over the bit of discolouration on a couple leaves. You can remove them as they don’t contribute to the plants health much at this point. Keep an eye on your new growth.



@OGJ Here you go.