Blueberry Auto - Grobo Grow (1st) Challenges

First grow on Grobo with Blueberry Auto. Started strong, then had some issues with brown spots and after some adjusting by grobo support, continues to have issues and limited nutes not showing much decreases (day 29). I am waiting on support today to see if they can salvage this first attempt as it doesn’t seem right. I checked PH manually and was in line, also grobo support all checked out with a day or two of it showing a bit overheating (which was resolved). I will place a digital hygrometer in there when back in town Sunday to monitor temp and humidity, etc…however inside home which is always at below 75 degrees(F) and under 50% humidity. Next step will be to grow manually side by side to see the differences, but that will be down the road when not much travel scheduled.

Here are some pics of the grow so far (any recommendations or checks would be great)


Cal/mag issue is what that is

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If your at your 5th node, consider topping

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Thx. What sucks is I’m away on vaca and have a buddy taking care of it. I have nutes at home, but also asked grobo support to let me know what to manually feed it if it is not taking when flushing the water…bottles seem unused for the most part (for roughly 30 days). Not quite sure how much is supposed to be used. I do have some revive and voodoo juice at home I can have him go get. Any guidance on amount to manually feed or wait for grobo to try adjusting again?

I was going to before I headed on vaca, but wasn’t sure if I should based on the conditions so was going to wait until I return sunday so I can watch her closely from there.

As long as you’re on late vegetation, no problem :+1:

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Could be a ph swing or just not enough cal/mag for the plants liking… if you could have her flush maybe try the revive and then try and add cal/mag…

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Looks Like the Team and Support got you covered:


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If you are using revive to correct a deficiency, use 5 ml per liter (so 15 ml for the 3 gal res). If you are using as part of a regular feeding schedule, then it’s 1ml per liter or 9ml for the 3 gal res. I use as part of regular feed schedule.

Also, I would recommend “recharge” as your beneficial bacteria over voodoo!! I’ve used both and recharge kicks voodoo juice’ ass hands down :+1::v::joy: