Blue Dream CBD Kush


She’s still truckin. Decided to support her since she had a crazy lean going on… I wanted to let it go but I feel like it was getting kinda extreme looking.

I see multiple sets of leaves starting, so within the next few days I’ll probably be seeing a nice growth spurt.

Got a response from Steven today about my #5 … It turns out the Grobo registered my water as tap water. Going to report back in after next drain and fill and see what happens. I was told that adding #5 manually will be appreciated from the plant, so I’m assuming I didn’t add too much or too little by a large amount I suppose.

Sunday responses are cool, definitely appreciated it.


Crazy how much growth the top node had overnight. Can see the first 5 fingered leaves starting now, they were barely open and standing up straight last night. She’s doing great so far !



Winnie is looking great :v:

She’s building leaves and strengthening her stem. I actually removed the support last night but put it back on this morning because of her lean still going on… weird mental indecision going on Haha.

Drain and Fill #3 tomorrow morning, will check on #5 and see if it dispenses right.

Wakey wakey time ! ( She is a little bit of a slumper at night time I’ve noticed. The first morning I saw it I was worried something was wrong

But after some sunlight she’s perks up :slight_smile: Little plant-coffee in the morning I think is the REAL nutrient she needs :wink:

Her 5th node (and technically it looks like #6 starting in the center too) is building now. Wondering if I’ll get to top her by the end of the weekend or not ? Maybe Monday morning? We’ll see how much it grows.


In comparison, here’s my first grow at 11/14 Early Veg… they are pretty close to the same size! Pretty cool. This current grow didn’t pop until Germination 6/10… first one came up at 3/10…

First plant had 18/6 light schedule, this one has 20/4 … so the extra light might have helped break the gap of basically showing up late on Day 6/10 instead of Day 3.

"Little One"


Difference in color mostly attributed to the fact that when I had my first grow going, I didn’t realize that hitting the Grobo back button one solid push would give you the 30 second camera light. I would push it/hold it until the door click light would turn on so I could get a clear pic real fast, haha! Now I have more time to snap some photos :stuck_out_tongue:


Did my drain and fill, bottle #5 did dispense this time, as well as #3, #4 as expected. My #3 needs to be switched out now, that was about the last one in it. So technically it lasted through 9 weeks of my first grow and 3 weeks of a new grow. #4 is almost gone too, might have enough for 1 more, or might decide to just switch it out. Bottle #5 is a little under half now.

Must have been some kind of weird EC meter glitch last drain that it didn’t wanna dispense #5 and registered tap water.



Removed the support as I feel she’s finally able to hold her weight up for the most part compared to the heavy lean going on.

She’s doing great, been trying to keep the humidity up a bit to facilitate better growth.

Growing vertically and working on the fifth node still. Thinking about topping here really soon… Anyone have any advice? @SWSVIC @vegetato @miami5th

I know this next week is a big one, she’s gonna get pretty big rather fast.


I went for it.

My scissors were perfect for getting right in there and making one precise cut avoiding the growth tips

God damn my heart rate was up and hands were shaking a bit as I got closer and closer with the scissors though, lol!

Shes gooey! lol :slight_smile: No weed smell yet on her, just very planty and alive.


Happy to finally knock that one off my list of plant training techniques I have now experienced. I can see how much it really helps for sure, those growth tips are all exposed nicely now! :slight_smile: Even the lower stuff below the top nodes now too

An hour after the cut… I noticed she stopped gooping pretty quick and looks like it’s closing the wound already by a tiny bit


Also, I’ve been watching this since the third node started expanding: she has a gangster 6 fingered leaf that (as I cropped and zoomed) I saw it looks like it might be a 7 finger but really weirdly formed… It actually started as a 4 fingered leaf which I thought was weird, then the 5th finger popped out on the bottom left, and then way later the 6th finger popped out, which is way smaller than the others you can see. Very strange to me. The other is a full grown 7 finger on the other side of the node.

Edit: nope that’s just a 6 fingered leaf with a really weird sixth leaf. Strange ! Interesting to note in my opinion, don’t remember seeing anything like that last time around

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She’s doin her thang. Positive growth from the newly exposed spots goin on.

Nothing crazy but documenting for future purposes.

About 32 hours since topping.


Great :+1:t3: cut IMO plenty time for the lil ones on top to flourish, rest up Winnie :v:t3:


Thanks :slight_smile: We appreciate it :slight_smile:

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Looks great, did you perform a water change just before or right after you topped? Either way she is super healthy, it has been said that a fresh water change/nutrient dose aids in their recovery, and thus I do it and recommend it. (Makes sense to me haha)


Changed the day before, about 24 hours before. Figured it was fresh enough and didn’t wanna waste the water or nutes but I have heard about that before. On her first haircut I plan on changing to fresh hopefully, more than likely will time it with a normal water change

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She’s starting to bounce back nicely and go vertical on the exposed growth tips. So proud of her! Haha :laughing: this is a morning photo, interested in seeing the growth later tonight when I get off work. Should give her a solid 12 hours of sun until then.



Been brainstorming the past day about whether I should think about stripping a leaf or two to allow more light down to the growth below that is shaded out… for some reason I didn’t think leaf tucking was possible at this stage but i decided to give it a try, and I was surprised to be able to get some awesome light coverage down below this early!

Got my first cannabis smell from her from the light stress of leaf tucking :stuck_out_tongue::smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Smellin good!

8 branches now have light and space to move upwards

I plan on letting these shoots gain some vertical height and then LST them down towards the corners to get some horizontal strength and possible new branches upward. I may also top again with my two center shoots to make four and have the outer colas as well. Trying to keep a game plan from the start. May not be neccessary to top again… If I can keep light on all 8 of these potential branches that are visible now that would be plenty to keep an even canopy. I can only imagine I’ll have some offshoots that will become branches too if I train horizontally



Winnie seems to be flourishing. I was able to keep the humidity up around 60% yesterday and temps 77/78 all day, I think she enjoyed it.

I can definitely tell she’s bushier than my last grow and hasn’t grown as tall but that obviously is what topping is all about. It seems like the apical dominance has definitely evened out with the other shoots. Super excited to see how she progresses.

Haven’t peeked often at the roots to avoid disturbing but she has a very strong thick taproot and a good amount of root growth down below.

Stem seems pretty strong and no discoloration currently.

Pod has been rather dry this time around, a tiny bit of moisture down there but not nearly as wet as my last grow.



Did weekly drain and fill today, back to high water level.

Bottles #3 and #4 replaced beforehand. All nutrients dispensed properly and followed with 10mL Hydroguard like normal

Removed her cotyledons which were yellow and dead and also her first two sets of leaves below from Node 1 and 2. Smells wonderful ! I feel I notice a difference from my last plant, starts with the typical sweet Cannabis smell and then I got a hint of fruitiness afterwards if my nose is correct.

Going to hold off on removing any fans yet since I can successfully tuck underneath for the time being. By next drain and fill I think I might be able to remove some of the lower ones potentially, we’ll see.

Did some minor leaf tucking and arrangement, exposed a couple of growth tips in the process, just needed some leaf movement.

She’s doing her thing. Nothing too crazy yet obviously. Looks like she gained about a half inch or inch in height since yesterday.

Temps running at 75F and 56% humidity inside. Going to keep the humidity up around 60% for the rest of the day, and try to get the temps up around 78

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I know it’s not super easy to tell but I tried today a soft start to a little LST on my four off shoot branches on the lower node by pushing them downwards and it seemed like they stayed in place and flattened out a bit. Repeated the process a bit later too. Seems like it exposes some more growth tips below.

If you look at the pic below compared to earlier this morning you can see the difference, more light getting down through the plant a bit and flattens it out a little. Didn’t do anything like that with my last grow so was cool to give it a try. Little baby steps on trying to train her a bit. She seems very pliable at the moment

Also today I noticed she has shiny green knuckles at where the branches come off the main stem. Anyone know why / is it genetics ? I don’t remember seeing anything like that on my last grow.

Is this because I did some leaf tucking and rearrangement at such an early stage ?

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Did you top her?