Blue Dream CBD Kush

Well, did some cleaning of the Grobo for the past few hours, did a pH Calibration check (it needed Calibrated… again… for the second time in 9 weeks) and got my new seed planted.

Lights on at 5:00 AM, Lights off at 1:00 AM. Starting Hydroguard from Day 1 to build up the beneficials early on.

Does anyone know why the photoperiod plant is 20/4 and my auto was 18/6? I’m confused why it wouldn’t be the other way around. I was expecting an 18/6 for the Photo as well.

Was quite the task to clean the reservoir and calibrate the probe again as well as cleaning up all the supplies involved and also the old plant…but I had some serious determination going on in my head this morning :slight_smile:

Anyway, she’s off… let’s hope for something better this time ><

P.S. Currently vaping on a new strain that just dropped called “Canna-So-Hard” which is a Cannatonic / Sour Tsunami / Harlequin 3 way breed by what I think is “The Seed Kompany”; I totally dig the play on words with the strain name… CANNA - TSU - HAR. Tasty, fruity, and high in CBD! I didn’t realize it when I picked it up that it’s only 0.78% THCa and around 17.5% CBD… but I definitely feel a bit of a mind high from it too! I think I just possibly found another favorite CBD strain next to my already trusted Blue Dream CBD and Harlequin!


Photo are whatever you want in vege and 12 hours light for flower. Most suggezt 18/6 combo but everything has been tried.
Autos do theyre own thing so they just stay the same timing all the time as it does noy require a lighting change to produce flowers.

Yeah I understand that part, but Grobo doesn’t let me pick 18/6 or 20/4 or 24/0 even, it defaults and only allows me at 20/4… considering that Grobo doesn’t allow you to pick yourself, I would just assume that they would default to an 18/6 for a photo and 20/4 for an autoflower. The opposite is the case though.

Email and ask for a schedule change then. You do not have the ability but im sure they do


Definitely a possibility, but I probably won’t. It doesn’t bother me to be a 20/4 versus 18/6, just wanted to know why it wouldn’t be more light for the autoflower since they are supposed to be a faster strain vs a photoperiod.

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Yesterday I got home from work and decided to check with tweezers if she had popped yet. My last seed popped on Day 3 so I figured I gave it a good amount of time.

Nothing yesterday, sadly. I threw my humidifier on again overnight and this morning to keep the humidity up.

Just took a peek at her this morning, she popped! White root started :slight_smile: Yay! I bet by the time I get home tonight she will have progressed even further.

So far, 100% success with Coco germination (2 out of 2), both happened on Day 3/10. I’m not saying I won’t try to germinate outside the Grobo if I have more time in the future, would be nice to speed the process up by a couple days next time. I didn’t know I was gonna cut my plant down until that morning I did so I just went for the ol’ school Coco germination this time again.

Also, I gotta say this seed is pretty cool, very nice looking markings and even a little bit of orange on the seed… looks like an exotic one. I had 5 of them and this one stood out as the coolest looking one so I went for it.

I did give the seed a couple of drops of distilled water last night when checking, wondering if that is what helped speed it up.


Nothing above ground yet. Roots gotten pretty big and fuzzy looking.

You guys think it looks okay? The root grew sideways and it looks like the seed is opening up in the front now… Should be good right?


looks perfect, perhaps could’ve been a bit lower but that twist is normal
edit: it might just be raised because it’s growing, lol.


Yeah I can’t remember if it got raised up from the root or not but I think so.


Took a little quick peek right as lights came on under the piece of coco, looks like she’s shedding the seed hat and hopefully will start pushing up soon :slight_smile: Little slower growth on this seedling compared to the last, but all seems okay I suppose.

I’m glad I got a different outcome this time to learn and observe a little more about how the seeds germinate and grow. Last time my seed hat was stuck for a bit but this time it has opened below ground. I’m interested to gauge the rate of growth compared to the last one, kinda wondering if the early root production and sideways growth will mean a faster tap root below which in turn would speed up the growth up top I would imagine. Time will tell


GERMINATION 6/10 mid day

Just got home from work… welcome to the world, “Winnie” ! (She was planted on Halloween and the wife named her for me after one of the witches from Hocus Pocus)

Looks like she popped up above ground and opened up and is even starting her first leaves all in one day! Pretty fast progress up top compared to my last one, which had the seed hat stuck on when it came up!


I bought these seeds on a whim as I have a Blue Dream CBD strain right now that I enjoy medicating with, and have really been digging the THC:CBD mixes a LOT. I feel the medical effects are more on point with what my body responds to these days.

Anyway, I got these at the same time I got the Candy Cane seeds, so I never really considered a Sativa vs Indica in the Grobo, or what true height restrictions I would be facing. I mean, I’m hella thankful my last plant was healthy enough to grow so big inside the Grobo… I gave it lots of love and attention but it just got too big!

Anyway, I’m dealing with a mostly Sativa leaning hybrid at the moment :slight_smile: Of course! >.<! Last plant was too tall for the Grobo, so let’s go for a Sativa! They did not release the breeder, which is shady in itself, but they said it was “Also sold on a very reputable seed bank”. Since they are based out in California, I’m assuming these are Blue Dream CBD from Humboldt Seed Company (hopefully)

I’ve seen some Cali Blue Dream outdoor plant pics and they can get ABSOULTELY MASSIVE

My goal with this grow is to top the 5th node, use some light LST when able, and then flip to flower around the first fan. I don’t want a repeat of my last experience… I want some bud to harvest.

There’s a chance I get a stockier pheno, but I don’t want to take the risk… Things might change, but I want to come into this one prepared!

**OK I lied… I swear the website said Blue Dream x Orange CBD before, now it says Blue Dream X OG Kush… which makes no sense where the CBD genes come from. And the other way, I guess I don’t know where the Kush is from either? LOL !So I guess I really DON’T KNOW! Oh well!


GERMINATION 6/10 end of day

Winnie woke up looking strong and tall !

Comparison to Day 6/10 on my last grow, which broke the ground on Day 3/10…

Looks like Winnie is a late starter in comparison but has been able to shed the seed earlier and stand up straight faster. … very interesting to me! I was thinking it would be behind by a few days but it looks like it all equaled out and she’s actually more developed in comparison than I thought it would be.

Maybe the fact that I’ve been able to keep my temps in the 69-78 range the entire time and have added humidity in the room on about 5 occasions now for several hours at a time is what has given her some speedy growth overall including the roots…I don’t think my environment was so controlled last time because of summer heat and I didn’t have a humidifier either.

The temps have fluctuated a bit but they have stayed in the 75-78 range very consistently, I’m actually pretty happy with the way I’ve been able to control the germination environment with the Grobo and the room I have honestly. Summer is a little trickier I think, but Fall seems like a great time to do so.


GERMINATION 7/10 start of day

Just figured I’d document that I have noticed this morning she popped her root out of the bottom of the coco and it has grown more since I checked earlier. Cool to see it happen so fast.

Humidity 62% and temp 77.5 inside the Grobo

The root wasn’t there at all this morning at lights on, all growth within the past 8 hours.

Noticed she’s been wiggling around a bit up top too. Love seeing the little babies :slight_smile:


She’s alive :herb: :ok_hand: :slight_smile:


GERMINATION 7/10 end of day

Lights on this morning. Winnie be wigglin’ all over the place in there. I’ve taken closer notice to it this time around of all the different ways she’s been bent or turned.

Got another pic of the taproot this morning it looks like it will be touching the water very soon, droplets have been on the bottom of it so I know it’s been drinking just fine so far.

All of this isn’t super interesting but I kinda missed documenting the root growth last time so now I’ll have some reference for the future as well to compare to.

5:00 AM yesterday, no root visible outside the Cocopod, maybe a speckle of white but I didn’t notice it if it was there. 24 hours later:

She got taller, and also straightened out since yesterday.

Temps were at 69 overnight in the Grobo with 45-50% humidity. Before she woke up this morning I turned the heat up and got it up to 60% humidity and 75 degrees inside the Grobo so the light on should add a few here soon.

I feel like I see the Sativa genetics already with how tall she is as an infant in comparison to the leaf growth itself, could just be in my head lol. I feel like my last grow was shorter and got thicker in leaf production before she hit that height when I compare the pics, but it’s hard to tell because the last grow was bent over during this time period in germination for a few days before it straightened out.

Also again my humidity has been more controlled as well as the temperature inside the Grobo, so the environment could play a big factor in how my little ladies started their life.

If these seeds are the Humboldt Blue Dream CBD strain, it was noted that the strain has an aggressive root growth, going to see if that is a trait that is noticeable with this grow as well just to see! Not sure if the genetics are true or not until I can see some buds later down the road and smell the plant.

I’m planning on moving the cocopod up a little further once the roots touch down real good… but I realized now from the pics that I am going to have to be careful because of the way the root is coming out.


Did my first drain and fill tonight… Happy to see that #5 dispensed despite my EC probe being dirty last grow which meant I had to manually add #5 in for the past two weeks of the previous one. Cleaned it off with soapy water/toothbrush this time and it seems to have done the trick, I think.

#3 and #4 dispensed properly too. I have enough of those bottles for 1 or maybe 2 more drains/fills before I gotta switch them out, still left overs from the past grow. Got bottles on back up and plan on buying another #3/#4 soon.

Hydroguard here soon once the nutrients mix a bit.

Taproot is now down into the water, she should be able to start absorbing nutrients ASAP! :slight_smile:

Gonna wait a day or two and let the roots establish themselves a bit before I move the coco pod up to prevent sogginess. This time I’m gonna be better prepared and more experienced.

Glad I was paying attention to the nutes dispensing because I didn’t actually mark the bottles this time, typically would do that before I did my drain and fills… for some reason I had thought in my head she gets nutrients on the 2nd drain fill, just a brain fart!

So far, all is on track to the recipe imo… taproot just hit water today and she’s getting nutrients to suck up :slight_smile:


GERMINATION 8/10 end of day

Wake up Winnie ! Her leaves showed some nice size change since last night when I last checked. Every little change is noticed at this stage haha. Nothing crazy yet

I’m liking the 20/4 light schedule honestly. I feel it’s gonna add some better veg growth in the long run for sure.


Had the cuttings out in the morning sun again. Decided to give them a second round of defoliation. Before and After pics, they really looks skinny now :slight_smile: Was my birthday yesterday so I went and got a few kinds of new flower to vape on… This is Golden Goat (from where I work) … Love the terpenes on this strain, can definitely tell there’s a good amount of terpinolene and limonene :slight_smile: So many orange hairs! I also got 3 cuts of Extreme Cream (Extreme OG x Cookies & Cream, has a fruity pebble type smell to it, real dense buds with slight purples) and also the same amount of 3 Chems, which is as far as I can remember Tre Dawg x Stardawg x Chemdawg cross


EARLY VEGETATION 5/14 start of day

Here’s some pics of Winnie this morning.

Pushed my pod up as far as I thought was safe since as you can see, the root is popping out of the side… too far and I would risk damaging it potentially. That root pic isn’t current, that’s from 3 days-ish ago. More developed now.

2nd drain and fill this morning… No #5 dispensed.

I added 8 mL manually… hoping that’s an acceptable amount. Unfortunately I can’t see the readings of the meters so I can’t tell if it’s a dispensing error or the EC meter again until I hear back from support on … Monday … o_O

I did clean the EC meter was best as I could before this grow, and my last drain and fill on Day 8 it did dispense.