Black Widow - She lives!

Noticed some brown spotting on early veg stage (Day 4). I’m sure this isn’t unique. Could use some advice. Thanks in advance


Is this your first grow? If not, have you calibrated your pH probe?

First grow. Had a couple of false starts with seeds before this.

I’m sorry about your false starts!! Hoping for this one!!!
Have you ever worked with support before, maybe on your false starts?
With your Grobo purchase you get free support from a very good horticulturist!
If you have’t yet, I’d suggest submitting a support ticket ( to them ASAP, be sure to include pictures and any special setup about your environment.
They can check further details about the machine and give advice from there.

In the mean time, hopefully a champion will see this and also provide feedback!

Good luck!!

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She lives

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(If she doesn’t show any more signs after these leaves you are in the clear): (If the burns continue on the next set of leaves I would recommend doing a Calibration on your Probe):

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