Beta [System Generated Notifications] is Live! Join now!


@chris_barfield, this beta is through the app, not the AllGrowers website.

@greenman, we are looking into this now.


Sorry. No iPhone here, just either laptop or iPad. Different locations. Do you get 3 little horizontal lines on the top left of your screen?


I wasn’t in the app I was trying through the forum ugh… @Stephen it is also sending me back
To the main grobo screen when I click join as well


I’m late to the party, I got some renos going on at the moment so not as responsive as usual until done, If you need another tester count me in. Day 80 for me. :+1:


Yes, I would like to be a BETA program tester. Thank you.


@Azuri but of course sir!

Invite on it’s way. Working through access issue now…


Hi @fuz,

Great to see you! Invite on the way…



Sorry for that, you all should be good to go now. Found a bug on the Beta key side. Fixed and pushed.



So I entered my key and then it brought me back to my grobo home screen. That’s what was supposed to happen right ?


Yup, it basically activates the beta. You can check by scooping water out of your system until empty, then see if you get a fill notification…





Im on day 41 is it too late @Stephen


Stephen when I did this it just went to the main screen or splash page. No new info shows up anywhere. Didn’t provide any type of confirmation if it did.


I hope not to see either of those two warnings, lol. So what are we testing and looking for beyond those two notifications? I got my top up message for today so doubt I’ll see the empty tank one.


You can push it to me. I wanna try it


I received the first warning tonight via email at 10:06pm my time. About 4 hours after I did my weekly drain and fill. I assume to ignore?


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The water level notification works I got a tnotification this morning my water was low!! Great job @bruno @Stephen


Thanks @chris_barfield!

You made @bruno blush. :wink:



Hi @NOo_Reggie,

Not at all, I’ll send you over the invite and key.