Beta [System Generated Notifications] is Live! Join now!


Hey Growers,

We have a new BETA program available to join! This Beta is best tested by growers who are in the later stages of growth. Days 40 and up will start to see the plant drink more than usual, and is a great spot for our testers to be.

A couple system generated notifications have been added to the app, to help the user know:

  1. When your water tank is empty.
    We are draining and filling each week, but as the plant gets bigger, it can need a drink earlier than after 7 days. This will let you know when it’s time to add water. This notification has no drain needed, just fill.

  2. When your EC get’s too high.
    As your plant drinks, the EC can rise if the plant is not eating (consuming nutrients) as much as it is drinking. This will cause the EC to rise out of an acceptable range. This notification will let you know it’s time to drain and fill your unit, as your water has gotten too ‘spicy’ for your plant.

If you are interested in being a Beta tester for this new feature, let me know and I’ll send out a key, with instructions on how to join.

@Stephen & @bruno


I’m at Day 42 today. I’ll try it.


Awesome @greenman,

I’ll send you over a beta key and instructions on how to access the new feature!



Day 74 over here @Stephen. I’ll try too!


Hi @rainstorm3,

Excited to have your feedback! I’ll send over an invite…




I’m about 12 days away Stephen but game to try as mine usually require water every 3 days at thT stage due to dryness in my city


Nice to have you aboard @ToddYYC!

Invite sent.



@Stephen hey my transplant is well over day 40 but my unit is day 33. My plant drinks enough for me to have to fill my unit twice a week to get it back to fill line. Can I be apart of the beta test?


Sure @chris_barfield, glad to have your opinion! I’ll send over an invite now…



@Stephen thanks!! I’m excited


For those that have entered the key am I just blind or where did you guys enter the key lol?


Click on your name under My Account in the bottom left corner.


@Stephen either I don’t have that option or I’m just not seeing it? When I click my name it brings to me all my posts… then I click preferences and I don’t see anywhere to enter a key?

But I don’t have anything to click on in the bottom left corner?
P.s. yes you can call me stupid when you reply lmaoo


@Stephen @chris_barfield Cannot find anywhere to enter the key - unless this is to be entered into the change password slot.


@greenman yes we must be going through the same cuz I don’t see anything in any corner to enter key after I click my name? When you click your name does it bring you to all your post ?


@chris_barfield, when I click I get this page;

and when I click to join new beta testing, it takes me back to my growing page.


@greenman what did you press to get there? I don’t have that screen?


What are you using? iPad or computer?


I’m using my iPhone xs