Best sativa strain you ever had


I know this isn’t a grow, but really a grow question. What is the best sativa strain you have ever experienced and why. Where do we procure the seeds, etc. I’m looking for a sativa that is dense, string and will provide a great yield anything goes here folks so let’s share the info


As far as Sativa straits go, I really like the Jack Herer strain. I think it’s my favorite sativa. See the Leafly link…

As for where to get some? Well… don’t think I could help you there. You’ll have to resort to seed banks online I assume.


Yep good strain, but I’m looking for unbelievable, unbeatable, superb, blows your mind no one knows about it etc. something out of the norm. Good strain though. Thanks for the input!!


The Real Jamaican Lambs Bread

The Real Dutch Super Silver Haze

Lemon Skunk

Blue Dream


African haze is the my favorite but real official sour diesel is a champ … I’ve had a northern lights Sativa dominant that smelled like gas and it was serious


Oh major yes to Blue Dream also! My absolute fav, but I thought that was more a hybrid than a sativa.


Don’t forget to help fellow allgrowers out by letting us know where one is able to buy the seeds. Thanks for playing!!! Great shyte so far, let’s keep em coming!!


Durban Poison is my go to sativa. not a pretty plant when it is growing, but provides excellent relief for what ails me


@rouleauj I’ve had good success with true north