Best pure sativa you have, have had, and can get the seeds


Hello all. I’m trying to look ahead to my next grow, and may be moving so I will be able to go soil again, as well. So I’m waiting to buy dr. Grinspoons heirloom sativa #5 because either everyone’s out or they are pricing too high. Also it’s a ~14 week flower time. So what pure sativa have you tried and can get your hands on the seeds? I’m looking specifically at pure sativas with an amazing awake feeling, good for glaucoma, and super cerebral. Gotta be able to get the seeds though. Thanks in advance for your input. Currently only have two strains available to me at home, feminized white widow x big bud, and regular afghani seeds.


This where I been buying my seeds. To your door in a week. Guess it depends on where you are that’s from cali to nc. Even tells you thc for every strain. A few over 25%thc


Jerry. I have one for you. North seed bank is 50% off till the end of the month so it’s about 40 dollars.
Canadian strain called jean guy. 90% sativa
Hands down my favorite stuff.


Hey Todd,
I tried to jump on that when Azuri posted it, but everything I wanted was out of stock, everything lol. Ima be pissed If I cant get my Dr. Grinspoons Heirloom Sativa #5 soon. Figures, right when I discover the strain everyone buys it out lol. Im gonna buy 3 seeds and make a mother plant. Just want something faster growing with good yeild before I start that bad girl. Who knows, the WWxBB might just be what I’m looking for. Have grown lots of White Widow, but not this particular cross. Stats show great yields though, so I’ll keep yall posted. I want stuff most people have never heard of but should


Of course Jerry. I make it a habit to try new strains whenever possible as we as a family have access to 3 sites worth of product. Partially why we grow now. Lol. Too many options.
I saw tru north extended their sale till end of the month so hopefully something else pops up you want to try


Can anyone check these sites for my dear Dr. Grinspoons heirloom sativa please. I’m at school and the district has a firewall. Guess they’re afraid we might teach the kiddos how to grow :scream::joy::sob:

#7 sells it.


I know, @ToddYYC, that’s where I originally found it but last I looked they were out. It didn’t show as out of stock until I went to checkout.


I went as far as checkout it was going to let me do the purchase. :+1:


ill laugh when someone from here buys a pack and then it says out of stock again lol


Might happen, I went as far as request for payment method. I’m not in the market for seeds so I didn’t attempt to go further.


No worries, thanks for checking though. Gonna pull the trigger this weekend. Lots to do this weekend, I’ll be posting an update of my girl too