Best programmable timer for lights and fans


Hey all, been a while since I’ve been back to post. Have been a fly on the wall a couple times, but would like some input. I’m looking for a timer I can plug my lights in, as well as my exhaust fan. Been researching, but I need to be able to set the timer for my exhaust (air out of tent via fan through carbon filter). I would like to be able to program the timer so that my fan pushes out the old stinky :wink: air every five mins for 30sec-1min. I’m going to Polly automate everything I can in my tent this time. @Stephen might just be the best person to ask, but I’m sure some of you are growing plants outside the grobo. Thanks for any input. Also if anyone has decent seeds they might want to send me I would be greatly appreciative. I have very few choices here in AK and I know some of you have excellent resources for great genetics. Doesn’t hurt to ask right? Never know what you might get. Thanks again all.


Keep in mind no clocks are programmed with grobo for daylight savings time
Prolly doesn’t make a big difference to all of you. Didn’t get a reply from bruno about being able to adjust so I suspect this will come down the pipes later


Hey Todd,

Not a grobo user any longer. This is to start automating my tent, so not worried about daylight savings etc.



I got one of these through ((#PCH))… :wink:


Thanks barb :+1:. Looking for one with multiple plugs and can program down to a minute. Looking to set up my outtake blower to run for 1 minuet every five minutes all day 24/7


You could get a raspberry pi and wire up your stuff on a relay board. The pi can be programmed to use the GPIO pins to activate the relay and close the circuit and open it at whatever intervals you would like.

Some research and some time to learn is required but I’m looking to build something for other applications.


Wow, I like the way you think. I’ll research it and attempt to draw my own conclusions, but could you elaborate further please. I get it but delve deeper please.


Can you pm me so we can further explore this idea? I’m no engineer, but I get the concept, just need clarification. :+1::v:


So the raspberry pi is the computer. You would essentially write the code to tell it to activate the GPIO pin for a determined time frame. The raspberry pi would then send a low voltage current to the relay switch. That current will close or open the relay depending on which one you get. On the relay side you would have your lights, fans, humidifier, dehumidifier, etc.

When the current is flowing the relay is active and thus closing the circuit and turning on your stuff.

Also customization is pretty cool. I have seen some vids of people with web interface so you can change all your parameters through your web browser.


Fuck my friend, I want more!!! You speak my language. I must do my due diligence, I will get back with you. Am a teacher with specific hrs. As such I will have time to do my dd by the weekend. After which I will contact you again. Again thanks for your input. Keep it coming. Have you thought about making one yourself?



((#PCH)) also shared one of these… :wink:

Then plug this into it…:green_thumb: