Best Photo Contest! 🌲📸


Hi Growers!

Let’s see who has the best shots of their plant! Grab your camera and snap a picture of your beauty! Let’s keep it simple to start:

  1. One photo per person (Just put them in this thread!)
  2. Can be any stage of your plants growth
  3. Winner is chosen by the community
  4. Entries can be submitted today, contest ends Friday November 2nd, 2018

Winner will receive a special prize package from Grobo headquarters.

Good luck everyone!

Show us your Buds!

I thought this one looked neat. Just a different angle then what’s normally seen.


For anyone who has grown cannabis with your Grobo, show us pictures of your cured buds!

I have only seen minimal pictures of a final product grown with Grobo. Most of what I’ve seen looks good but not super dense and perfectly cured like quad buds I’ve seen from boutique small-batch growers. Of course they are pros and Grobo owners are likely new to growing being that its an all-in-on system. So I imagine it’ll take time for Grobo owners to get quad-looking buds.


“Missing In Barcelona”

She was just flipped to 12/12 few days ago.




Bud photo shot. :+1: :herb: :camera_flash:


First signs of life on day 5 :D. So excited!



Hulk Smash!!


Contest is ending soon! Any more picture entries? You have until HIGH NOON (Eastern standard), so another hour and 15 minutes!!


Ok growers, let’s vote! Voting will close Monday morning at 10pm EST. Good luck contestants!

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Congrats @Ctaylor684!

You are the winner of our 1st Photo Contest with a really cool shot! I’ll reach out for details on getting your prize pack to you.

Have a wonderful week,


Awesome right on thank you community!! :green_thumb:


Congratulations @Ctaylor684 !


Thanks @Cornholio appreciate it. :beers:




Whoops just now seen this lol