Best Marijuana Seeds


We all know marijuana seeds are more profitable seeds against other seeds. For Cultivate marijuana I was searching in top search engine and I have seen good cannabis in this website Do they provide good seeds?


Hi Markhenry,

Good question! I have no experience with this seed bank, so cannot say if they are reputable or not. It does seem like they are representing some good breeders (Dinafem, Serious, Green House, Royal Queen). They are based in the UK, so that may mean quicker shipping for our European growers. That black dahlia you have a picture of above sure looks interesting.


I’ve heard that this company is pretty good:


I wanted to document my experience with buying seeds from Ilovegrowingmarijuana (dotcom). I was leery at first given the company is in Spain. One option is to pay by Venmo. They also take bank drafts, international money orders Once they confirm receipt of the payment- the seeds are shipped with 72 hours. After 10 days from ordering my 5 seeds were delivered by US mail from San Diego in a plain brown bubble wrap envelope. Inside the seeds were in a small, sealed zip plastic bag. I was very leery at first dealing with a unknown company in Europe but the feminized seeds I chose arrived in great condition and one germinated within a week with no problems. At about 16 US dollars a seed (included shipping) I’m very satisfied. The price seems competitive with others sources for seeds. You have to trust that they are sending the seed you want but that is what you get with any seed company. I would use them again.


Hi @BoldSolar

Getting good gear (genetics) is always a rush, and Robert knows what he is doing over at ILGM. We are about to roll out a plant stories feature that will allow you to document your grow as well, looking forward to your smoke report. :wink:



So far I have chosen to use GYO Seed Bank they seem to have a great selection of different Breeders… I bought Gorilla Glue auto by fast buds and Blueberry auto by GYO…I received my seeds within 5 days and seem to be in good condition:)


Truenorth has another 50 percent off sale. Jean guys on there. 3seeds left.


I’ve been using them and I’ve received every purchase with no issues