Best magnifier for viewing trichomes


I have tried 5 or 6 magnifiers to view trichomes… I had lots of trouble getting a good view until I tried the honor the plant trichome stick (bought on amazon) $16. 100x the most powerful of the ones I tried


I had a look at it and it looks the same as the others. Small and difficult to focus. You’d think they’d have something larger and much easier to use especially if you wear glasses!


It is a small field of view like the others…I do wear glasses and sure I would like something larger and easier to use … but this is the only one I was able to get a good view of the trichomes …I have a jewelers loop, an activeeye, various clip onto a cellphone types etc, etc… so please advise if you find anything suitable… I’m nearing the end of my grow (45 days in the flowering cycle) so I urgently needed something to see the trichomes…


Grobo sells one with a kit they have that can be hand held or it clips to your phone


I have tried that one, the activeeye which I bought before I saw it on Grobo’s site… I didn’t care for it had trouble getting a good view…


The one grobo offers is great and cheaper price then the local supply store


Very glad it worked for you, it didn’t for me… but I’ve got another magnifier on order…250x usb microscope


I just want a larger field of view… to easily determine when 30% of the trichomes have turned amber…I think that’s when you harvest… I’m just very happy that my plant is looking great and almost ready to harvest after my first grow was a bust (male plant)