Beginners question

Hi all,

I’m considering purchase of a Grobo box but live in a location NOT friendly to weed. So I need to be careful and don’t have access to things like seed banks.

I have some seeds at home but I don’t know what strain they are or what gender they’re likely to be. I want to know:
A) what recipe should I use?
B) how can I ensure I get a female plant - sprout several in a pot first and transplant the female to the box at week 7; plant several seeds in grobo and select the female or perhaps something else?

I’m kinda stuck.

Thanks in advance.

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A.) Use generic if your not sure. There is a generic recipe for Sativa, Indica and Hybrid.
B.) you can’t, i don’t think. My first grow was 2 medical seeds my friend gave me and the first plant grown was male. 60 days in and had to terminate. I have about 100 seeds from Jamaica. Don’t ask. I don’t know which are female or male so i wont use them in the grobo but maybe outside.


You can still order from seedbanks online, search the forum for options. I’ve used Seedsman.

You can only plant one seed at a time in the grobo and transplanting isn’t recommended, although it is possible.

I live in the Middle East. I’d be really worried about a seed delivery being intercepted. People tell me they’re very discrete packages but I’m just not confident. :grimacing:

I have a small handful of seeds here. Maybe I’ll just try my luck. Although I’d hate to get to 60 days and have to terminate the grow :tired_face:

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Another issue you will need to consider is the smell associated with the grow which can be very significant. You will need to use serious ventilation since the unit does very little to limit it.

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Ahh ok, that is good to know. I’d be growing in a second (spare) bedroom. Should be far enough away from prying noses…

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Yeah, you can also add foam strips with adhesive backing in between any spaces you may have around the door, if any, to help seal in more of the smell. Some people also keep an odor neutralizer on top of their Grobos - I think the recommended brand on here is “ona” or something, not sure.

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@Homegrown Safety first man

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