Beginner growing techniques




So I’m on seed #2. Like the first, it splits within a couple days, but never sprouts. This seed I have now will be on day 6 today, split has happened, white root, but no signs of sprouting. In soil I’ve had no problem getting the first shouts to come out in a few days to 5 max. Coco pod is moist, using all techniques suggested for Grobo. I guess since I haven’t gotten a seed to sprout yet in my unit, I’m getting nervous lol. After the seed spilts, how long have some of you out there had to wait to see some leaves??


Hey @Dew

You should be able to see life sprouting from the coco pod anywhere from day 3 to 10 days.


Cool, thanks for the feedback @Azuri. We’ll wait it out, give it another week. Maybe after dosing starts, it’ll speed it up? It’s a GSC strain. Does have a longer grow time than most-


Seeds are new territory for me @DrDrew I’ve previuosly used clones. The first seed I did in my Grobo popped and is currently growing. Others have had good luck with germinating in a paper towel. If your water is topped off and your coco pod is damp with the aerator running it should pop for you.


Is your seed a bag seed, or a fresh seed?.. It looks like it is alive so that’s a great sign…



Hi @SilverGrobo,
It was a fresh seed but starting to become concerned with origin. Might try a more reliable bank. I’m officially trying a bagged seed now. Third times the charm- Hopefully not a male, I’ve had good luck with these and have had them a long time so might as well see. They look like good, healthy seeds- If this doesn’t work I might put in a ticket to make sure everything with my unit is as it should be. Other than my lock that never worked, I haven’t noticed anything with my Grobo. I found some good magnets to make sure my door is closed as it should be- Cheers


Hey @Dew,

Welcome to All Growers! Your unit looks to be running correctly, pH has been adjusted down (Using tap water it seems?) and your EC is great, but the key to germination is a great mix of water and oxygen, plus good fresh genetics.

I do notice that you have not drained the unit at all. This is important to the health of your reservoir, as the system only doses after a successful drain and fill. Top up after 3 days, then completely drain and fill your unit.

I don’t recommend bag seed, as it is there in your bag due to a hermaphrodite plant in your dealers grow room. These seeds have a much higher tendency to herm again on you while you are growing out the strain. This causes you buds to have seeds and is not desirable.

Good luck on the next bean popping!



Thanks @Stephen!
That’s good news to hear. I’m using filtered water that uses RO. No sink water for my baby lol. I will let this one go through the stages of what the unit calls for. I did see somewhere on here that re-using the coco pod is ok, is that true? Lastly, I’ve being doing a lot of seed research and think Humboldt should be a good try. .? Wanna try an auto strain. One more ? Stephen, are autos always a little less potent than there feminized counterpoints?
Example, og kush?


Maybe this will help… :thinking:


I did see this @SilverGrobo and yes it is very informative. We’ll keep our fingers crossed!


@Stephen Do you have photos of how you Lst in a grobo? I’m going to be tying down my plant and just purchased the magnets from the grobo store.


Hi @alucard,

I don’t have pictures of tying down branches, but I am in the process of making a video grow guide that will follow two Grobo grows, one that I let be, and one that I perform some tips and tricks on. It’s a big 4 month investment, but you are worth it. :wink:

Stay tuned!



Thanks for all you do @Stephen I’m looking forward to learning Lst tricks in the Grobo I know I will need it my Sativa dominant hybrid grows tall I need to bend it like beckham.


That’s hilarious but very true. My next grow is a straight sativa so I’ll need some video help as well @Stephen your a champ for doing this :ok_hand: