Beginner growing techniques


Total beginner here. Can anyone point me to some good beginner growing techniques to make sure my plants get the best chance at growing big, strong, and with lots of yield?


Not sure if this qualifies as a beginner tip or not, but making sure the air around your plants is well circulated so that your plant gets an even distribution of air. You can put a small fan next to your plants to push air around. This also helps the stems grow thicker and stronger.


Hey Anz!

Can you tell us a bit more about how much time and money you want to spend on this? A pot with soil and a grow light is the cheapest way to start but will require some time and patience to have success. Hydroponics is more expensive to begin with but can produce larger yields in shorter time.



I don’t mind spending a bit of time on tending to my plants, but I don’t want it to take over my life. I have some plants growing outside on my patio in small containers right now, and I have to water them every morning, which I don’t mind. I also do a little bit of maintenance, but I won’t want to do much more.


Great tip nf767!

You are referring to transpiration which is important to the plant in getting the nutrients it needs to the places it needs them. Basically your plant evaporates moisture at the leaf level, enabling it to bring water & nutes up through the roots. Better nutrient uptake = bigger & better yields.


Great question Anz,

One of the easiest growing techniques you can employ to increase your yield is topping your plant. This will enable two new shoots to emerge and form large colas (buds or flowers) where you would only have one if this process is not done. I’ve included a great picture from for reference.


That’s an awesome trick! Definitely going to try that. Always good to have more flowers.


Fucking sweet trick! Double the meds!


Would you recommending topping only once in the Grobo?


I’d recommend topping at least once. You can get 4 really nice colas to form if you top 3 times. (One cut to get two colas, then a couple weeks later top each of those once for a total of 3 cuts & 4 tops.)


Thanks Stephen,
Just what I wanted to hear. I will add your message to my grow notes.
Looking forward to my first grow😊

Bob Burks


2 more questions:

  1. Typically how many days can I be away from my Grobo before I need to add more water to my cannabis plant?
  2. Since sativa plants grow tall, will this be an issue with growing one in my Grobo?


Great questions!

  1. Once your seed has germinated and is drinking, we encourage a reservoir change every 10-14 days. You can certainly get away with missing a change in the early stages, but once your plant enters the flowering stage and is big and drinking at it’s peak, you will have to top up your water more often. (5-7 days)

  2. If you are growing 100% sativa, I’d encourage you to employ some grow tips like topping/fimming/supercropping/LST to ensure that you have an even canopy that doesn’t get too tall. We have both time and plant height triggers built into the Grobo to ensure you don’t out grow your space.


I was just wondering, if it’s a stupid or good idea to start growing marijuana strain like this in forests nearby my hometown now…Autumn is coming and the plants won’t be ready to harvest for 100% sure before winter comes… But will they survive the winter and start growing in spring? I probably won’t be around in springtime when i usually would put out the seedlings in the forest… what do you think?
Thanks for your input!


Hi Theothelm,

I can’t really help with an outdoor forest grow in an unknown town, but I can tell you that your cannabis won’t survive the winter and start growing in spring. Your best bet at this late date is to start an indoor grow that will allow you to at least get a head start on next spring.



@Stephen I definitely want to do some plant training. I can see topping in the Grobo but how would employ LST or mainlining? How would tie your plant down in the grobo for LST? Any pictures of LST training in the test grow?


Hi Jamminbear,

Sorry, no pics, but I’m using the drying rack as anchors for my tie downs. Available from our online store soon. It’s adjustable and comes in a set of 3. I’ll try and get some additional pics up in the coming months of how I use them.



@Stephen let’s say you top your plants 3 x times. How does recipe get adjusted?


Hi Jamminbear,

Great question, topping your plant 3 times will give you 8 extra bud sites for big colas to develop. This helps keep the height down and creates a really bushy plant. We are not currently adjusting the veg time in our recipes due to topping, so you will continue on the regular schedule. Most schedules have germination/vegetative growth of about 40 days before flipping to flower. If I add too much time to the vegetative stage, you will grow right out of the unit!



Awesome @Stephen. I’ll do some topping Tomorow. And also I saw he light schedule update. It’s a 20 hr light schedule for the vegetative phase? I thought 18hrs was more ideal?