Base stem looking ill -- is this a bad sign?


This doesn’t look healthy… any horticulturalists who have a thought on this?

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Send a ticket!!! Lots “O symptoms, but I’ll bet that’s a humidity issue or ph


Why’d you let the problem go on for so long though? Not hatin, just askin! We’re here to help m. The second a problem shows itself, is when you ask for help​:+1::v::v::pray:

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Let it go so long? Lol!
So you’re saying this is a bad sign huh?

How do you know how long of a problem it’s been? I replaced the water last Friday and it was fine. Then today I went to cut the top off as I got the notification to do so.

I guess I need to check on it daily is what you’re saying, even though the grobo is automated?

This is my first grow. I didn’t know I could open a support ticket for a plant not looking quite right in a particular area lol. But, now I know! Glad I asked. I figured if I couldn’t get the door opened or connected to wifi then I would create a ticket in those scenarios, hah!



I checked my plant daily. I took pics of everything. In dwc everything changes daily.

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something definitely isn’t right. have you been using distilled or ro water? something is off either a nute deficiency or ph out of whack. ive said it a million of times and im going to say it again if grobo would just let us see our data we could catch these problems right away. wouldn’t even have to send a support ticket and waste everyones time.


Thanks for your input. Yes, using distilled and RO water. Change religiously on the hour every week.


What’s your ph and temp and humidity values?


Lol I hope you’re joking / being fictitious?
This is an automated system. It controls all of that for me.


Just because it automated doesn’t mean you shouldn’t keep track. Machines have flaws. It’s not like an alarm is going to go off and tell tech support something is wrong. All of us have humdity meters and thermometers to check our box and water. I have often noticed something was off with my girl and submitted a support ticket to have her checked out. And my ph was off because bottle number 3 wasnt dispensing. You need to be proactive. Automation doesn’t mean be neglectful. Your harvest will only be as good as you make it.

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Lol man I’m really getting schooled here. This is why I bought the automated system! I guess I should have went with the Cloudponics system since that one seems to maintain temp and humidity…

“All of us have humidity meters and thermometers…” Oh we do? Lol! I didn’t know I needed to be an expert at this stuff to grow. If I were, I wouldn’t be using an automated system and would have just pieced together my own grow tent, yeah?

I appreciate your candid input! :slight_smile:

I do want a successful harvest. So I appreciate all of these tips.

So if I go get a thermometer and humidity meter, what do I do with it? Any articles that give me instruction because I’d have no idea lol!

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Actually no it doesn’t, except for ph and we’ve all had issues with grobo dosing ph


From support:

You may have what is called ‘damping off’. It’s basically a disease pathogen that attacks your plant right where the stem and coco pod meet. It weakens the plants ability to drink and eat. Sometimes the plant can fight through this, sometimes not.

For now it’s a bit of a waiting game.


It’s called a hygrometer. And most come with magnets on the back. Just stick it to the back wall of the grobo inside. Then get another and sit it on top of your unit. This will give you an idea of the temp an rh discrepancy and thus allow you to dial in both values.

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Yes, that’s it, hygrometer… Got it! Thanks!
And where are the dials to dial in when the inside of the box doesn’t match the outside?!

Oye. So much to learn!


No “dials”. I’m talking about learning if you need to turn heat up in that room or down and if you need more humidity and thus a humidifier, or less humidity, and thus a dehumidifier :+1::joy::v:

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So I would have to put a humidifier and dehumidifier inside the grobo?

It would be nice if the weekly updates from grobo would mention these tips!

Thank you!


No not inside, outside and depending on what your values read

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My advice also would be to do a little touching of the plant as possible for the first month esp during early veg- no topping or topping of water either as this is what happened to my first gg#4. Hope this helps.


I didn’t have humidity issues until my plant was close to flowering and just past the 2nd fan. You do not want your plant sweating. Sorry if I appeared to be bitching at you. I just want you to have a successful grow. We all do. we are like a grobo family we look out for each other.