Bakerstreet (Hindu Kush)


@Stephane Dunno if that would be good for her being that she’s been in transition for almost 2 weeks now. But I agree, could end up stretching pretty good in a week or 2


@Russel_Richardson that’s what I thought. Oh well this will hinder the possible final yield for sure.

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@Stephane… i wasnt concerned with yield. I know it wasnt going to produce alot at this height. I have 3 starting out right now for my outdoor grow which is where i will get my large yield. This grow was to give me a start with hydroponics and after the issues i had about 2 months back with her im just glad that ahe is growing at all.


All good @Blackwater81, I just want you to have the best success in your grow. I always want to aim for enough return on my investment to make the expenditure of the grobo/nutrients worth while.

Next one get more bang for your buck and let her veg until the bottom of the second fan.


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I would consult with @Stephen just to be sure you may be able to continue changing the schedule.


I totally agree with trying to get the most out of the cost for the grobo/nutes… but its also about experimentation for me. She contracted a bout of pythium about 2 months ago. I was able to save it but i didn’t want it be in veg for any longer than the extra 4 weeks i had the grobo team put on it to help her recover. Plus i wanted to harvest and be able to smoke some on Canada day lol… which i will just be able to do now. :beers::beers::beers::beers:


totally makes sense. I too plan on consuming some of my grow on Canada day :smiley:


Well she is filling out nicely :grin:. 9 buds sites which isnt too bad considering shes a bit of a runt. Going for potency now over yield.


up close and personal :grin:



((#LoveYourFlowers))… :wink::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::hearts::white_flower: