Bakerstreet (Hindu Kush)


Day 5 of early vegetation
Strain - Bakerstreet (hindu kush)




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Not to be a Debbie downer, but she’s none too happy. I think your ph is off. I’d send in a ticket to Stephen. Just my observation. :+1::v:


And your humidity is too low​:+1::v:


And your humidity range, looking at your meter is an issue. Big swing in the wrong direction, 37%-26% is super low!!! Should be much higher!! :+1::v:


Humidity range has such a big swing as the unit is located in my basement bathroom so when i have a shower it spikes greatly. I’m still trying to tweak a few things here and there right now to get the results im looking for. At the present point in time im not concerned with the health of the plant. The stem is thickening daily and new growth is coming in as expected. Quick check of the roots and they are also bright white and very healthy looking. If the plant starts showing more signs of possible ph issues i will send in a ticket but for now im going to give it a couple more days and see how it responds to the water change. Also its not the best pic but thanks for your insight. Its always beneficial to have more than one persons ideas


Update… day 24


Update… day 41. Had the grobo team add 14 days to my late vegetation as there was an issue with calcium/magnesium in the plant and reservoir that nearly wiped the while plant out. But luckily i caught it in time and made the correct adjustments and she has rebounded tremendously since. I now have 11 days to go before it starts the flowering stage.


Hey @Blackwater81,

So glad to hear she is recovering! I’d add another couple weeks at minimum to allow her to catch up from the stress and fill out the unit a bit more. I like to go into the transition stage with the plant being about as high as the second fan. A quick email to with a request to extend your veg stage by two weeks will do it.



Great minds think alike!! I knew she was going to be behind so I already ask for it to be extended by 2 weeks. It is now on day 19 of 28 for late vegetation cycle. Going to wait until the weekend to top it and start LST. It does need to fill out a bit but is currently at the bottom of the second fan in height.



From one horticulturalist to another… would you say that maybe i might need an extra 7 days added to the late vegetation cycle? I still have 8 days to go until it switches but wanted another opinion.


Looks like she is really coming along, but I agree, some additional time is required. Shoot me another email into and I’ll hook you up.

As an aside, I should probably clarify, but to me the 2nd fan is the top one. I like to move to transition once the plant reaches it.

Have a great weekend,


I had issues in the beginning too. Mi girl spent 41days in late veg til she was big enough.


I just added a further 14 days. That will bring my total of late vegetation to 42. I would rather put the time in and do it right than rush a plant that isn’t ready.

this is where she is at now… amazing results happening everyday


Lookin better, but she has a way to go. Keep vegging until she fills out more and reaches just under the second fan from bottom. By the leaf structure, she is sativa dominant, and will likely shoot up and stretch quite a bit. With this strain, if you are unfamiliar with supercroping then I would YouTube a few vids in preparation. Looking a lot better though​:+1::v:


Bakerstreet is actually an indica. It is a variety of hindu kush. So it will get taller but more likely will become bushier as time goes on. I tend to trim the lower growing leaves as it grows which is especially important with any variety of hindu kush as it hates humidity and needs more air flow to prevent mildew issues. As it gets taller and bushier i will start to thin out between the branches more.


Well, fooled me with that leaf structure, long and thin typically equates to sativa dominant​:+1::v:



Day 77 overall and 11/14 in transition. She’s not tall but she is healthy.


She does look healthy. I personally would have added a lot more time in veg for this beauty.

Generally a good time to flip is when the plant just reaches the second fan. Have you started seeing signs of buds forming yet? If no, correct me if I’m wrong all you pro growers, I would put her back in veg.