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I’m no expert grower by any means… but this new Grobo invention has spawned a massive interest for me.

A week ago a plopped a little seed into some miracle grow and here’s what it looks like today! I can’t describe the amount of happiness I feel when I see that I cultivated life out of something!

I named her Marley.

I think my horticultural success will exponentially increase once I get a Grobo in my hands… but for now, lets see how long I can keep this girl alive!


That was beautiful. My heart is crying tears of happiness for your success and new experience!
Marley is a cute one. :slight_smile:


Is it okay if I use your photo and story on Grobo’s social media page?


Absolutely!!! I excited by the idea of this product and I’m happy to help increase the brand awareness of it! If there’s anything I can do to help please let me know! Use away!


Awesome, thanks! Keep us updated on Marley! :slight_smile:


Woke up with Marley on my mind…how is our little girl? :seedling:


She’s growing pretty well I think, although last night she was laying down flat. It was kinda a shock for me to see that. Of course being a first timer I decided to scan the inter webs determined to find a way to fix her! But from what I read, it wasn’t anything to worry about and if I’m too concerned I should just proper her up with a stick. I’ll take some pictures tonight and post them when I get home!


I’ve used a plastic straw in the past, cut a slit down the side and just use 2 or 3 inches. You can push that down into the soil a bit…

It’s a delicate time for her, don’t water daily, let the soil dry out between waterings, you want those roots to go water hunting!


Good call, and great idea!!! I’ll do that tonight!


Hi friends! Here’s some updated photos of Marley.

Like I said in my earlier post, last night I found her completely slumped over. For half a second I thought she was a goner, but I think she’s still got a fighting chance! I took Stephen’s suggestion and grabbed a straw on my way home to prop her up. Hopefully her new shoes will help out with her posture! Here you can see the bend in her stem, it’s almost at 90 degrees, but I’m hoping with some sunlight tomorrow she’ll perk up straight.

You can def see she’s sprouted some big leaves! Let’s send her some positive juju to make her grow big and strong until my Grobo arrives!


Marley is looking good! She’s got some beautiful leaves. Hopefully she’s perked up now!


Marley’s perked up quite well I have to say! It’s been about a month and here she is today!

I’m so proud of her!!


Whoa, she looks awesome! This was only after a month? That’s sweet.

Did you encounter any problems during her growth?


Not really. I had some panic when she was slumped over, but the straw trick totally worked. This is my first grow so I’m sure she’s not growing to her full potential, but anything I can get out of it I’m ok with! I’m happy and excited to see where she goes from here!


Is she bag seed or do you know the strain?


She’s this one:

It was a freebee I got, I figure this would be a good one to test. I have a few other seeds, but I’m saving them for the Grobo.


Very nice! I didn’t realize she was an auto until I saw her pic today. Was expecting to see big veg growth, but instead was pleased to see some nice early buds forming. A lemon focused auto sativa? I’m in! :herb:


@SterlingNico @Stephen Here I am getting into ((Marley)) then she dropped off the grid?.. How did she do?.. Don’t just leave me hanging like this please… :eyes::eye::thinking::wink::grin: :crazy_face: