I’m currently reading a book called Automating Hydroponics: The Complete Guide to Food Security at home. I know absolutely nothing about electrical engineering or programming, but the Grobo & some of the other Smart devices in my home have gotten me interested in Automation & the Internet of Things (IoT). In fact I have an Arduino Starter Kit on the way and have been spending hours on Instructables, Thingiverse, Hackster, etc. reading up on all the interesting projects that people have created and shared within the Maker community.

Will I successfully create something worth sharing on here? - I have no idea :sweat_smile:

But if I do learn anything worthwhile and relevant to this community I will share it here and am encouraging all the tinkerers, makers, diy-ers, and otherwise forever-curious folk to feel free to do the same :cowboy_hat_face::nerd_face:


Interest piqued :thinking:

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Not sure if you’re already proficient in any of the related disciplines, but I’ve downloaded a lot of books for free via (not the one mentioned above tho)

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Definitely not in the classic sense haha, when a need arises I typically research the shit out of it and apply what I’ve learned.


I’m a mechanical engineer whos been in many industries and I’m finishing up my masters at UofM. Used to be a decent programmer. Familiar with C++, Raspbien, Arduino, and a few different forms of basic. I have both Raspberry Pi and Arduino. I’m rusty on all the programming stuff, but I can help a bit with programming, but in general I’m pretty good at problem solving. Happy to help if I can.


Nice! I don’t know what questions to ask yet, but when they come up I’ll post them. Thank you :pray:t3:

I’ve got all my devices controlled by SmartThings, with WebCoRE programming, triggering different things between time of day, temp, humidity levels, etc. Would love to get nerdy with you, if I had more time… !! Doh!


For now I just have my wifi-enabled power strip controlled via Smart Life, but haven’t gotten into scheduling and creating “scenes”. My new dehumidifier is wifi-enabled as well.

I’m going to google “webcore programming” :nerd_face:. I really want to have everything as hands off as possible, with as elegant a system as possible.


Has any devised away to be notified if/when Grobo disconnects from WiFi? I haven’t had issues as of yet but after reading a couple horror stories I’d love to have the peace of mind of knowing I have the ability to intervene.

I’ve automated most of the house - Samsung smart things has been useful. You need a wemo to monitor your power usage

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