Automated cannabis farming by SEEDO?! Please read


Looks like they have redirected their focus, very interesting approach. Is this what Grobo is working on up there in Canada :canada:?! The future of cannabis has just begun!

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@Rich Believe it when I see it with Seedo the 3d graphics in the video is a fancy looking concept until they show proof. Which they havent been the best at if you notice how well their Seedo has been recieved by users amongst other issues. I have high hopes for the cannabis industry industry and automation as a whole just not them.


They cant even send out single units how are they gonna do more.

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The “Seedo farming” is more of a commercial enterprise. Seedo is making headway now they shipped a few of their first gen units to a few people in California. I’m inclined to believe they tried to pass off their lab test units off onto final customers to buy them some more time. Newly designed unit(s) have shipped to at least two people I know of.

Bottom line they will ship but their claims of world wide shipping has me thinking no chance. So many regulations and hurdles to overcome shipping these units not limited to nutrients, CO2 and electrical safety specs for countries will have some waiting a long time or they won’t get shipped at all but they will get refunded. Seedo will have been able to use their deposits and payments as interest free loans. Pretty shady.

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Grobo is also not shipping outside North America but took pre-orders from other countries. It seems those start-ups struggle with similiar problems.
I preordered both and until now none is delivering. Even though I appreciate the better community management by grobo…at least from the perspective of a customer from Europe both broke their delivery promises but took my preorder money. Still not mad at them but hoping for start of delivery in the future. It’s not black or white between grobo and seedo or in other words: every start up is a little shady. That’s at least my experience.

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I think it’s more about inspections and regulations more than anything else


I hear you brother. I’d imagine both companies have plans to dominate the world and “ship world wide” and this is appealing to growers. Not so fast, I would hope at this time Grobo has refunded your pre-order and I’d like to say they planned on shipping to Europe but not so easy. Unless Seedo has a magic wand i bet there will be several countries they will not be able to ship to because of some sort of standard or regulations. I’ll eat crow if they ship worldwide with Seedo everyone has certain months starting in April let’s see. :thinking:

Hopefully someone can overcome this European hurdle or another company makes a comparable system for you guys in Europe. :+1:

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Or maybe grobo can franchise in Europe :joy::scream::exploding_head::man_shrugging:

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Only way, set up a satilite location.


No speedo is just full of shit. That’s why I canceled

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