Autoflower setting?


I was wondering if the Grobo will have grow recipes for auto flower cannabis plants?


yes ,certainly have recipes for autoflower cannabis plants


Yes, we absolutely do! Autos grow really well in Grobo!


Thats good, Gorilla Glue, Girl Scout Cookies and Blue Cheese auto recipes would be very nice.


Girl Scout Cookies :smile_cat:


@stephen What does the current Light Schedule for Auto flowers? 18, 20, 24hrs?


Hey Jamminbear,

Currently all autos are getting 18 hours of light, consistently throughout the grow.



I wanna maximize yields can I top, microtop and lst early like week 4 and 5 and they have time to recover?


Hi Bongsmoker89,

Traditionally growers don’t high stress train autos (Topping, microtopping) because of the time it takes to recover. (1-2 weeks) With autos, they will enter the flower period quickly, usually not offering enough recovery time to make your efforts pay off in the end. That being said, it’s your grow, you can do with it what you like!



@Stephen What do you suggest then stephen? Supercropping or just LST training?


Hey Jamminbear,

Let it grow and if needed you can supercrop to keep it away from the lights. Can’t really tie it down without a topping, the side branches should be supported by the sides of the unit. The advantage to an auto is the ‘shorter grow time’, not really the training you can do.