Auto-Flower question


A friend of mine is growing an auto-flower (Northern Lights) and thinks he was set back about a week figuring out the pH was too high. That’s now corrected & the plant is growing again. His question was: will this just mean, for an auto-flower, that it will flower about a week later than it would have otherwise, or does it mean it will flower at it’s “normal” time and he’ll just see a lower yield or such? Or will this go a different direction? Any thoughts from those with knowledge of such things?


That’s a really interesting question @Cornholio

Pinging @Stephen for help on this one. My assumption is that it would still flower at the same time regardless of issues or not; however, this could require some science experimentation to prove this theory




My theory is that the plant does not have a watch or calendar, so it’s set (as opposed to photo-period) flowering stage is probably triggered by reaching a certain stage of growth, which will occur later in this case where growth was retarded for a week or so. But that is just me trying to reason through this, not based on any expertise.




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Autos do have an ‘internal clock’ that triggers them to flower. Most basically start flowering after 2-4 weeks of growth. That being said, with all of the genetic mixing of Ruderallis with sativa/indica, you will see some reacting differently than others. There are many different types of Auto Northern Lights genetics out there from several different breeders. I will sometimes see a difference of several days when pulling ripe flowers down from the same strain too. So to distil my ramblings,

Stress can delay an auto from auto-ing.