Are You Excited For Cannabis Legalization in Canada?


Hello everyone!

In preparation for October 17th (the federal legalization of cannabis in Canada), we want to hear what you are most excited about!

Do you have any fun plans on legalization day or after legalization day?

What strains do you plan on growing?

Let us know how you’re celebrating. We can’t wait to hear from you!


Well as an American I’m jealous


Hey @chris_barfield there may be hope yet. Apparently there are quite a few states moving towards legalization of some form.


It’s exciting times. The fact that we are finally getting out of the dark age and ending the prohibition is welcoming.

I’ve got some concerns with regulations of the THC caps they will impose on recreational use. I’ve seen this topic floated around by various industry experts and I’m not certain this is even in play. If it is, growing at home will become even more popular for quality and price point advantages imo.


@Azuri, I often pinch myself to make sure it’s all real. Although I’ve been legal in Canada for years and years, I’m excited about legalization prompting the conversations happening all over the world concerning the end of ‘reefer madness’.

THC caps seem like a marketing ploy to me. Different levels of product, packed in different coloured boxes, all for different prices. Don’t think they will regulate the rec users, I heard this more for the medical users and have run up against a couple doctors looking to impose restrictions.

#GrowYourOwn :wink:



@Stephen, regarding your reference to “Reefer Madness”, my Mother and the next-door neighbour woman took me to see the movie at a drive-in theatre when I was an early teen in the late 1950’s. Didn’t work. I started smoking in the '60s and am also a legal medical user now.


@greenman, this is perfect!


The day has come, I find some strains stupidly expensive myself but hey at least it’s legal. I don’t see the black market going away anytime soon but I bet there will be an explosion in grow your own.


Supply also won’t be keeping up with demand. There are a handful of dispensaries in our town that have chosen to remain open as well, I’m sure under the guise of medical use still. I find it interesting that they are drawing the hard line between medical and recreational as far as growing and selling.






Just hooked up with my new dealer.:crazy_face:… hey @Bongsmoker89 whats the timing for you to deliver via USPS :joy::joy::joy:


All day everyday lol


Health Canada plans to cap THC in cannabis edibles, vape pens and topicals

More reason to grow at home. :herb: