App things i’d like to see


On day 5 of my grow. Just wanted to throw some feedback out on something i’d Like to see on the app.

  1. I’d love to be able to see what firmware version my Grobo is on somewhere in the app.
  2. The lock button and screen buttons on the app. I would love to see them change when you press them. I now know what to look for in unlocking and seeing the color of the screen change, but I swear, Day 1 and Day two of using the app, I must have pressed the “lock” button 100 times thinking it wasn’t working because the icon lock didn’t close and open when I hit it.
  3. I’d love to be able to see my nutrients level in the app.

That’s all I can think of for now… but i’ll Sling some more feedback out as it comes to me.


Your number 3 will be a hard one for sure. Extra sensors means extra parts that will break. But 1 and 2 are good for sure


Wonder if they could pull off real time stats in the app like ph and whatever else the grobo detects. Not to change any of them but it would be cool to see and possibly try to mimick if someone was trying a more traditional hydroponics (tent, light kind of thing). I’d like to see it even if I don’t have the power to change them .


I was wondering how they’d track it… but i’d think they could get a good approximation.

If you set the app to tell when you put in a “full” set of nutrients, I’d imagine they could guesstimate when the bottles are empty based on how many times the unit taps the individual pod.

Ok, so I don’t know if I explained that at all coherently… but it made sense in my head.


@SterlingNico I don’t know how they do it but I do know they have the ability to read the sensors at the headquarters as they have helped me get my ph situation under control and mentioned that they can see what the sensors tell the grobo. id like to be able to see those numbers (not change them myself ) Incase I wanted to try my own traditional hydro setup … example maybe if I love a particular strain I could be able to track how it does In the grobo on my own and maybe I could try to imitate the same numbers in my own traditional hydro setup to ensure consistency or atleast a point of comparison … I dunno just a thought … lol


I’d also like to see some sort of a diagnostic tool. Something that could tell you if a part needs to be changed or systems are out wack. Another example I could think of would be how to tell when your leds start to die and when to swap them out…

Again I don’t know if these things are possible or not I don’t want to undermine the talents of the team over at grobo by no means … but just thoughts as I grow with my unit.


Many of the things you would like to see can be also monitored with outside tools. I think Grobo is designed for growers that don’t want to concern themselves with the inner workings and monitoring aspects of growing perfect plants.

With that being said there’s the other people who just want to keep an eye on things. This is where Grobo try’s to find a happy medium. If you want to monitor your grow there are plenty of external tools you can buy on your own dime.

  1. RH% Gauge as low as $2
  2. Temperture Gauge $2
  3. Digital PH Meter Pen - $20 - $40 Amazon
  4. Spare aquarium pump and stone - $20+ Amazon (until I get the warm and fuzzies i got one spare)

You get the idea. We have new start-up product and until the Grobo app fills my monitoring needs with the app I will find my own solutions. Just a little insurance I need to ensure I don’t lose a plant for something I could have reacted too.

High tech monitoring would add a huge cost to a unit and more sensors to calibrate or brake. :man_shrugging:

There is no such thing as 100% plant and forget. I had a water pump on DWC system “blow” I came home to an oil slick in my resovior (This was NOT a Grobo) I caught it before my plants drank it and flushed the system. Moral of the story monitor your plants and check them at least three times a day even if just a quick peek and if you see something odd don’t wait. :+1:


I’m surprised this hasn’t been brought up yet. Seeds are priced from 5 $ to 150$
Still haven’t gotten my seeds from uppercansdaseedbank or a refund or even a reply. There’s 65 out the window and I haven’t even started…


@Azuri I totally get it just throwing thoughts out there I’ll be getting some tools like what you have posted to do my own monitoring as you suggested … quick question how are you guys keeping your grobo cool? It’s going to be 96 on Sunday in Connecticut and I will be spending it at the beach just concerned how my grobo will do in that heat … I have ac but when it gets this hot in this old house the ac loses every time ugh :expressionless:


My grobo is in the basement. Even on the hottest days it’s not a big problem. With that being said I do have to switch on a de-humidifier from time to time since basements tend to be a bit damper raising the humididity level. This is easier for me to control then the temperture.


@ToddYYC try true north. Have had great success with them.


I ordered from them and got my order within 5 days. I posted the seeds awhile back. Looking fwd to those plants


Chris I have a small fan on the power box for grobo unit and we’ve had a week over 100 f here and no issues. I’m more concerned with power bar then unit itself


@ToddYYC I see I will do that I was thinking of the leds overheating but I will put a fan on the power box to make sure


Have you touched them
Led should be ok but I’m curious if you have issues…let us know k


@ToddYYC yea they feel fine don’t think they have issues I was just wondering how those temps would affect


I would be more concerned with the temperature of the 11 litres of water in the unit being too hot. But haven’t had that as a problem yet


Hey @SterlingNico is that your first grow in the Grobo? I may have missed it what have you planted?


Yep! First grow! It’s a nice Pineapple Express seed. Hers a picture! #proudpapa


@SterlingNico congrats !!! Now the hardest part is going to be how to not stare at it all day !!! I’m gunna post pics of my plant. “Sade” is just now creating her first true set of leaves