Anyone want my grobo?


Not sure if anyone may be interested in taking my grobo off my hands. I have no use for it as I didn’t expect to stop smoking and grow vegetables outside during the warmer months. If you’re located in Ontario (I’m in Barrie) and are interested. I’m looking at letting it go with extras. Message me for details.


Willing to drive to Alberta hehehehe. Sorry to hear your letting it go


@ToddYYC, hey do you want another Grobo? I’ll deliver but not before Spring. Will give you a good deal. Didn’t realize How many times I am away from home that it will be very hard to grow very often.


Damn I would take both but I’m the states smh


Send me a msg what you want. I will eventually have a few of these but xmas required some other toys be upgraded first hahahaha


@ToddYYC, am trying to get Grobo to send to you my email address.


Hey guys,

Just as a side note, we don’t have a feature that enables you to transfer ownership of the unit quite yet. So you can give anyone your Grobo, but they won’t be able to access or operate it as new user. Great feedback that we should be looking into this feature though.



@Stephen, please check it out. Thanks.


@greenman sure will. If your unit was plumbed into the wall and you didn’t have to worry about drain/fill, would that change your mind?


Initially I thought being plumbed in would be a good idea but actually it would not be for me as it would be impossible for me to do this in my condo anyway.


Fair enough. Thanks for the feedback!


Interesting that has been considered. Hrm. I love model version 1 or whatever its secret office code is but thinking of what version 5 or 6 or 7 will be like excites me !!!
I could sell these no problem in my spare time. Everyone that sees it loves them!


Hopefully this gets sorted out soon, as it’s currently a paperweight and I’ve had interest


Interesting. I hadn’t even thought of this before. I just assumed one would be able to contact y’all and erase my account and transfer it over.

Further question (not that I’m thinking of doing it, but curious) but will a person have an option of transferring an extended warranty if they transfer ownership?


Wish I had seen this earlier as it is probably spoken for already. I live in Collingwood and LOVE the Grobo. I grow everything all year long but the grobo is out of my budget right now. If it IS still available I am definitely interested and can pick up no problem.


If you’re seriously interested, I could hang onto it for. Shoot me a pm and we can go through further details


Hi @rainstorm3,

Currently transferring extended warranties is not covered under our terms and conditions.



Anyone interested now that it’s the new year and the grobo unit with extras is still available. From Barrie Ontario