Anyone notice the grow journal button on the app?


Wanted to see if anyone noticed? I clicked it but it just refreshes the app?


lol, man, you catch everything! We are actively testing this new feature with a small group of Beta users and hope to roll it out to everyone soon!


Lol I was trying to take a pic of the plant and went to the app to unlock and I saw it like well that’s cool


@chris_barfield as @Stephen mentioned that was quite an impressive catch! We had just pushed an update to our beta users moments before and had let a testing bug slip through. Sorry for the tease :stuck_out_tongue: You can expect this feature to roll out sometime next week :slight_smile:




gotcha lmaoo but awesome … hopefully we can take photos with it and track photo progress


You sure can, the feature is coming along nicely!


@chris_barfield you just happened to be on the app at just the right time hey? Lol. Nice.


Have tried using the Journal for 4 days. I am having trouble uploading pictures, some days okay, the next? One day the photos got put into the previous day. Cannot get back onto the same day to update after entering notes for that day. Anyone else?


Hey @greenman

I went back a few days and was able to edit and change photos. I’ve been updating daily haven’t had any issue uploading photos so far :man_shrugging: Not that I have any idea how to fix your issue but what device are using to access the app?


Thanks for answering Azuri. It’s probably me then. I am using an old MacBook Pro which doesn’t have the Ram for todays programs/apps. I kept getting some administrator screen I couldn’t get out of. Guess I’ll use the iPad and see if it works.


That’s what I’m using, give it try.


@azuri Works on my iPad. Thanks.


Having an issue uploading more than one pic at a time in my grow journal … using iPhone X iOS 12


Hey @chris_barfield - can you share a screenshot of what is happening with




I’ll see if I can get it doing it again. But it just stays on the uploading pics with the multi colored circle spinning around. But let me see if I can ge at screen shot


This is what stays on my screen and then I have to cancel the post. Also I tried to make a post without adding pictures and does not let you add just text. It forces me to take pictures before I can add post


Hi Chris, Yes we designed it so that you need to take a picture with everyone one of your grow journal updates.

However, that never-uploading screen is not something that should be happening. Could you try from your computer to see if you can upload multiple pictures? What browser are you using on your iPhone?




@Chris I’ll try and use my laptop and see if it changes … I’m using iPhone X running ios12 and using safari as the browser


Gotcha - we do do testing on Safari both on Macs and iPhones so this is odd to me. After using your computer, can you try using a different browser (like chrome) to access to web app from your phone? It may just be a browser thing for some reason