Anyone else growing generic hybrid recipe?


Just wondering when your fans turned on I’m
Past day ten with no fans and wanted to see if anyone knew when the fan in their unit turned on so I don’t burden the grobo team with an extra support ticket for no reason?


Hey @chris_barfield

So you must be at day 11 now, did your fan come on?


@Azuri at first no fan action until I shut off the unit for 5 minutes and rebooted … the top fan continued to function and still is but the bottom turned off after the system finished coming online … but I thought that top fan day 24 bottom after day ten ?


I’d put a ticket in. Plant is small at day 10, lower fan should be on. Nothing to panic about you got air movement just not the right one. I’ll be day 24 this evening so I’ll see if my 2nd fan kicks in.


@chris_barfield I’m on day 26 and both fans have been running since day 24. Between day 10 and 24 only the bottom one was on.
Put a ticket in. :+1:t4: They will take a Look for you


@Azuri @rainstorm3 so Robyn emailed me back explaining some recipes start the top before the bottom and said if both your fans aren’t on by day 24 then you have issues … so I guess that takes care of that …


That is really good to know @chris_barfield alsmost wish that for each recipe when selected, it would tell you what to expect in that very first notification.


@rainstorm3 I wish they did have a layout of the recipes or atleast like when fans and things like turn on … your idea is def something I’d like


Interesting @chris_barfield

Hmm, from a growers perspective the fan reversal makes no sense. The end result still works bringing in fresh air to the unit BUT fans serve dual functions in hydro setups, air movement and secondary it helps strengthen plants. I would love to hear the logic behind the top fan on first.


@Azuri yea I’m not sure ? You think I should open the door and let another fan hit the plant for now?




Sorry couldn’t give you a full reply, lol. No it’s not a major issue just a head scratcher for me. Opening the door opens up other issues like pests and stuff getting inside. Leave it closed fan up top will be fine.