Any way to change to 12/12 manually?


I am having a fantastic grow but the plant does not show signs of flowering or buds. As it is my first grow I am not sure what to expect but I can see that space is running out, Grobo says it is in the Flush Stage. I am using an auto flower sativa strain.


Hrm if it’s in flush stage you passed flower stage. What day are you on.what strain of plant. Did you buy the seed or get it from a friend.


I got the seeds from a Canadian online supplier, feminized auto seed and on day 65. Just not sure how to proceed. The plant looks great but nothing seems to be forming, just growing taller.
I selected the Auto Sativa Generic I believe as the strain was not listed but the closest to the type. I attempted to change the time but it is stuck on 18hr.



You must put in a (SupportTicket) :tickets::ticket: and put you back to 12/12 Flower Stage… :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers:


Agreed sounds like a tweak maybe required. Use this time now to shape her up before she spurts?


Thank you very much, I have fired a request off for 12/12 light setting.

I will have to research on how to shape in the meantime, youtube is my friend lol.




Hey @Sirrad,

An auto sativa can certainly take it’s time to begin flowering. Light and space management will be of paramount importance for this grow. I can switch you over to 12/12 if you wish, but if it is an auto, it won’t help much and will decrease your yield. I’ll check out your ticket and look at your specific case and make some further recommendations on the support side.



Hi Stephen, I am open to all suggestions, first grow but I am seeing the unit with 4 days left in the Flush phase and not sure how to proceed. The plant does look excellent, just cautious on time and possible space.