Any experience on sealed grow tents?


Looking for anyone who has experience in sealed grow tents.

How did you seal ? How did you control temps? Did you add co2 ? How bad did the smell leak and if it did what did you do to combat that?

I recently purchased the new fluence bioengineering spyder leds and want to redo my 4x4 but thinking about going sealed so I can add co2 but nervous to do it as the area will
Get hot like an attic during the summer…



What exactly do you mean by sealed? I’ve used tents with exhaust/extraction fan connected to a phresh carbon filter. Small heater with thermostat control on heat controller. No smell at all. Humidifier and dehumidifier on a humidity controller, to control rh. And an ocilating fan. Then good to go. Exhaust fan creates negative air flow which kind of sucks the tent in a bit. Hope this helps :+1::v:



Same boat, also a one grobo harvest can’t keep up to my consumption. There are other options much cheaper. Led light, a pot, growing medium, fan, nutrients, good pH pen and a TDS/EC meter and your up and running for a fraction of the cost. Of course you need room for this, something to consider.

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Buying nutrients in bulk

I ordered a grow tent. I originally ordered a 4x4 but it was too big so I sent it back and now I’m waiting on my 2x4. I ordered a 300w and 700w light for growing and I’m going to do another dwc set up. I’m going to have 4 plants and the grobo growing at once. I’ve been reading up on different techniques. This aussie guy has been getting 1lb per plant. I’m going to try his technique. Also clones make a constant harvest faster.

My husband goes through an oz a week so I have to keep up with his usage.



Sounds like a good setup. I was able to use a room and just bought some reflective Mylar. Summer ventilation/exhausting presents a challenge for me if I use a tent I have heat concerns. Hope to update progress pics on my grows, soon lol.

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Mac, 2x4 is too small. I’ve run it last grow and not enough room! 4x4 gives you the space you need. :+1::v:



I dont have the space for 4x4. It took over my room.



3x3 for me and I’m very happy :smiley:

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If your trying to get a lb per plant your def going to need co2



Maybe but his setup didnt say anything about co2

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I’m going to try this little contraption for co2 I’m my tent when I get it set back up. Give it a look. Still doing research, but it looks promising:



I find it hard to believe (not from you ) but whoever you watched got a pet plant without it … unless he is vegging for a super long time … getting a whole lb is hard and not really ideal for any plant to produce unless pushed to that level with co2 or veg stage last long … but that’s just my opinion though … I can be completely wrong



I’ll try to give find the blog. He has a constant flow of clones that he keeps so his grow time is always short.



Heres a pic of his setup

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I dont know that the co2 will be beneficial to me. I’m not using a high enough light to make it beneficial