Any European Growers?


I’m waiting for shipping to begin to Europe, and hoping they reach the minimum pre-order of 100 units to make that happen. In the mean time, anyone else in the UK waiting too? Recently moved from Canada to Scotland.

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Hi, also from Europe but already waiting for over two years. Don’t think I will get a grobo when I look at the pre-order numbers. But seedo is already delivering in Europe and I pre-ordered both.

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Hi fanatic,

I’d be interested to know when you get your Seedo. Do you know how long between ordering and delivery?


Hi, I hope delivery for me is August but already waiting for two years and had a lot of set backs so not sure. But first deliveries in Belgium and Netherlands already took place so looking forward. New orders will have to wait less but for more detailed information you will have to ask customer service.


delivery is scheduled for when for europe ? if it happens 100%?

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I just got an answer from Grobo to this very question: “We expect shipping to EU to take at least 9 months.” So that’s April 2020 :confused:

Chris Maclean


what I said well, wait almost 1 year no thank you. good luck too bad luck to them