Any data on what the ppfd and par readings are on the grobo led?


So I’m starting a new build for a new grow area of mine and I was comparing my fluence spyder x and spydr x plus to other lights like the hlg 550 r spec, bios Icarus, migro 600, and the growmau5 chilled cobs and was comparing ppfd ,par levels and efficacy. As you can see im a big fan of the full spectrum white light way easier to diagnose plants and way easier on human eyes… anyway all of these companies are great and are really producing cutting edge lights.

I got to thinking what about the grobo … obviously won’t be the same numbers as those lights previously mentioned but it would be an interesting fact to know?

@Stephen @Chris any data on ppfd, par, and efficacy for the grobo ?


Any info?




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Thank @SilverGrobo I understand what each measurement is … I’m
More concerned with the what the grobo numbers are putting out ? I think that should be basic data shown when your buying the grobo? I mean I would like to know how efficient and strong the light is ? I’m sure plenty others would too


Smh at the non response


I’m kinda ~~~~ surprised they haven’t even acknowledged the inquiry. Makes one wonder why. It is a valid question. First thing I look for when buying a light :man_shrugging::man_shrugging::man_shrugging::man_shrugging::man_shrugging:

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Those meters are fkn expensive. The “cheapest” and somewhat reliable one I could find was not cheap at all. Seems a good one will really cost anywhere from $250-&1000, but I did scope this one out:


Hey gang,

So here is my initial response to this question.


It really isn’t an easy or quick spec to give you at all. We do have a PAR meter and we have done a bunch of tests. There isn’t an easy or quick response to this. It depends on many factors (plant height, stage of recipe, etc).

I’ve given this thread’s input to both the marketing team and the hardware team and we all agree it isn’t really a focus for us right now. You may see an article or blog or (Oh gosh, not again) a video of me talking about our PPFD ranges in the future, so stay tuned.

Great question @chris_barfield, I’m not discounting it at all. Very valid input. Thanks for the question.