And another light issue with my grobo


So my lights won’t stay on in my grobo I’m in flowering right now but of course it happens during the weekend where I can’t get any help. I’ve sent a ticket but now my plant will be in darkness until Monday… smh not cool at all considering I spent an enormous amount of time on this strain …


In my opinion you guys should have someone on call on the weekends. Rotate the shift so it isn’t the same person who is on every weekend or something but to leave high and dry when things like this happen is not cool. I’m not saying my plant will hermi or anything but what it if does? Am I the one who takes a loss ? Especially when the pack of seeds cost 180 dollars? I know I didn’t force my grobo to mess up and make the decision to not have customer service on the weekends. Very frustrating that a lot of us have spent so much on the machine itself then the items to put into the grobo just to see the data that was originally promised to us in marketing videos and then to have issues lingering for two days is pushing me to a point where I want to sell my grobo and focus on my tents


Valid point :thinking::triumph:


I’m in insomnia mode again! I don’t know why. I wake up at 3 am and can’t go back to sleep, even if I do smoke. Oh well. At least my tent girls are coming along. Although, I did let them get a tad big for the light I have :joy: I’ll be getting another tomorrow, just to compensate for the size. Then I’ll have to get an air conditioner to compensate for the heat and to deal with the humidity :scream::thinking::triumph::exploding_head: oh well, I’ll get min 1/4 lb off each plant so no biggie:

Honestly, I’m focusing on those girls anyway. I figure if my grobo girl makes it great, if not fk it. Amazingly, the grobo is actually more work than my tent. More stressful as well. I thought hydro would be easier than soil, but that’s not been my experience. It’s more expensive as well :joy:


Chris is the fan at the top working if not your unit will keep shutting off. Take off the top and put a fan on it and you’ll fi ish your grow no issues

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Nice tip checked it and yea fan is working so I dunno @ToddYYC

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Sorry you’re having issues again @chris_barfield, you did the obvious stuff I’m sure including un-plugging? I agree they should have a couple people who work weekends.


I know you probably already did this but when I was having light issues I power cycled and reconnected to my wifi. That fixed my lights and they came back on. just a thought good luck growfather :cry:


@Mcmanis Yea tried it … also @Dew tried it as well … what’s weird is the light comes on periodically for about a minute or two then goes back to being off


What’s ur temp at in grobo? I just started having same issue. Relocated grobo today to basement which is 10 degrees f less(was runnin 83f without blower fan 79 with). I’ll try to update this thread if it stops shutting off. I put a blower fan near rear of unit to circulate more air, seemed to help a bit.

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Temps inside my grobo form the hygrometer are 79/80 very rare if it goes to something outrageous my grobo is in an area that has ac as well

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I’d at least try to lower temp on top to see if that works. I’m thinking the top of unit is possibly couple degrees higher with the heat from lights and electrics causing overheating failsafe to trigger. If you have a good fan hit the top unit or drop a/c temp(thinking the top is hotter than meter reading). What’s a/c at? How big is room?



Sorry to see this happen to you… :cry: Keep us in the loop on how your (SupportTicket) turns out… :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers:

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Your unit is reporting an OVERHEAT @chris_barfield. I’m concerned your fan is not running at top speed, as the unit will shut off if the LED gets too hot. We are in contact through support.



:muscle::muscle: I had that itchy feeling heat was an issue. Also on fan note @Stephen I have yet to see top fan running, but not sure if it’s supposed to be. Should I put a ticket in?

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Hey @LtcTerps,

Yes please. You should be able to see it running if you look in the top/back of the unit, and feel some air pushing out. If it’s not spinning, your Grobo will be overheating too. Shoot me an email at and I’ll be able to assist.



I figured but wasn’t sure it ran partially vs flat dead.

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