Amnesia Auto - Outdoor Grow

This time around i’m doing a test with a different size pot…eerr bucket. if you have seen my blueberry auto grow you probably noticed the massive pot that it was planted in. So this time I planted this one in a home depot bucket. Drilled some drainage holes in the bottom, Lined bottom with coarse perlite and filled the remainder with high quality potting mixture (Can’t remember the brand, ill check later.)

So my goal is to see the difference in plant size and yield. I can only fit 2 massive pots in my little green house whereas I can fit 4 HD buckets or slightly larger than that in the space. I realize that it would have been better to do this test with the exact strain i grew in the big pot, but i’m only looking for approximate yield I will be getting from the HD bucket size pots.


I have the same test. Big difference, will post tonight or tomorrow. Lost 1 of my autos to bud rot had to harvest 5 weeks into flower

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I’ve grown in pickle buckets, exact same as the home depot buckets. They worked great, I’m sure you’ll end up with something similar to your blue lol