Am I Over Crowded 🧐

First time grower and I have scroged my plants however there is a lot in here in the back. I’m not touching the main branch because I don’t want want to break her like I did with the other one. But the main stem is Huge! The other thing I noticed is my humidity is going up so tomorrow I get my mini dehumidifier. (Learn as I go…) Can these hurt my plants? I plan to aim the thing away from the plant. Thanks!


No… doesn’t it look like it to me … but next time try and take a pic with the blurple off to better look at the pics

Are running a cloudline exhaust fan ? Looks like the same temp probe I use


It is but the 4in hose.

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What would you guess I would get from a 3x3 600W LED like this? I’m hoping around 4oz at least? Got the two white widows in hydro and just threw in one blueberry in organic dirt? Don’t know what quite to expect as far as yield.

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With three plants I def think you can pull off a 1/4 lb just train your plant a bit keep the environment within parameter and don’t over feed


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Do you know if a dehumidifier can hurt a plant though?

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No you pretty much need a dehumidifier

Difficult to run dirt and hydro in same tent! Good luck🤷‍♂️

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